#113 Super Mario Kart Emu Crash

Crash Bug (39)

The emulator crashes while going through the credits if
High-Resolution Mode 7 is on (640x480 DS). The first
point at which it would crash (and it does this
consistently) is just as Bowser's spotlighted moment
fades. Disabling hi-res mode 7 prevents this crash and
others that would occur afterwards if you re-enable the

Submitted by AspiringSquire
1.40 RC1


  • Chris Sheehan

    Chris Sheehan - 2005-01-12
    • status: open --> pending
  • Chris Sheehan

    Chris Sheehan - 2005-01-12

    Logged In: YES

    File: Super Mario Kart (U).zip Header: Yes

  • Chris Sheehan

    Chris Sheehan - 2005-01-12

    Logged In: YES

    Confirmed by illegal eagle and grinvader

    illegal eagle wrote:
    Yep, a crash. I also noticed the following:
    - There's a line under the 3D part of the screen, visible
    two seconds after loading the savestate. Only with high-res
    Mode7. This line also appears with the first driver of the
    credits (Luigi).

    - The window of the second driver (Peach, in the lower part
    of the screen) shrinks and then leaves a single column of
    pixels. This happens also when high-res Mode7 is disabled.

    AspiringSquire Wrote:
    When I loaded the savestate in the DOS port, I managed to
    get through the troublesome credits without crashing,
    whether Hi-Res Mode 7 was on or not. However, when I
    switched to the 8-bit video mode, ZSNES crashed at the same
    moment that ZSNESW had crashed with Hi-Res enabled.

    I had also noticed that column of pixels after Peach's
    showcase, and it does that for Bowser as well, just before
    it crashes. I didn't mention it because I wasn't sure if
    that happens on the true hardware, but since you have made a
    point of it, I think that perhaps it could be the emulation
    of the scene that is faulty, rather than the Hi-Res Mode 7
    or 8-bit mode being the cause.

    That line of pixels beneath the drivers doesn't appear in
    the DOS port unless you disable the first two background
    layers (but the line is different). In Windows, it's the
    cloud-koopa (or whatever he's called) that is making that
    line wrap around to the bottom of the race track; anything
    else that is at the very top of the screen will wrap below
    also. And it does only happen with Hi-Res Mode 7 enabled,
    and it's only visible in the Windows port (between DOS and
    Win32, anyway).

  • Chris Sheehan

    Chris Sheehan - 2005-01-12
    • summary: Sup Mario Kart Emu Crash --> Super Mario Kart Emu Crash
    • status: pending --> open

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