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zsh 5.2 release

This is a stable release. There are many bug fixes and a few minor new features since 5.1.1.
This release includes .asc files containing a detached signature for each tar ball. The signature is for the key 2048R/4BDB27B3 (Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@ntlworld.com). You can find it on the keyserver at pool.sks-keyservers.net.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2015-12-03

zsh 5.1.1 release

5.1.1 is mostly an update to 5.1 with fixes for bugs identified since; however, there are a couple of small new features

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2015-09-11 Labels: stable release

zsh 5.1 released

Version 5.1 of zsh has been released and is available as a download from Sourceforge as well as the master zsh site, http://www.zsh.org/pub/

Note that in addition to the tar.gz files (for people who like traditional compression schemes) there are also tar.xz rather than tar.bz2 files (for people how like the latest compression scheme). The latter are uncompressed with "tar xJf", rather than "tar xjf".... read more

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2015-09-01 Labels: zsh 5.1 release stable

zsh 5.0.7 released

Version 5.0.7 of zsh is released. This is a stable
release. There are minor new features as well as bug fixes since 5.0.6.

Note in particular there is a security fix to disallow evaluation of the
initial values of integer variables imported from the environment (they
are instead treated as literal numbers). That could allow local
privilege escalation, under some specific and atypical conditions where
zsh is being invoked in privilege elevation contexts when the
environment has not been properly sanitized, such as when zsh is invoked
by sudo on systems where "env_reset" has been disabled.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2014-10-08 Labels: release stable

zsh 5.0.5 released

Version 5.0.5 of zsh has been released. This is a stable version.

This fixes various significant bugs reported following the release of 5.0.4 a couple of weeks ago.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2014-01-06

zsh 5.0.4 released

Version 5.0.4 of zsh has been released. This is a stable version. It contains
bug fixes and minor feature enhancements since the last widely distributed release,
5.0.2. 5.0.3 was not widely released as it contains a bug in pattern matching.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2013-12-20 Labels: release stable

Source (and web) archive moved to git

The old CVS archive for zsh code has been replaced by git; in addition, the source for the web pages is also available in git. For access, follow the links from


That will display the top level of the code or web tree; at the top you will see the commands you need to allow you to check out the code.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2013-04-05 Labels: CVS git archive

zsh 4.3.12 released

Version 4.3.12 of zsh has been released. This is mostly a bug fix release, but with a few minor new features; see the NEWS file.

The 4.3 series should migrate to a new stable release series 5.0 in the not too distant future.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2011-05-31

zsh 4.3.2 with multibyte (UTF-8) support

zsh version 4.3.2 has been released. This is a development release, but is believed to be fairly stable. This is the first version of zsh to support multibyte character sets, in particular (but not just) UTF-8. The support in the line editor is nearly complete, but it is patchy in other parts of the shell.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2006-03-02

Zsh 4.0.7 and 4.1.1 released

Finally, a development version of zsh is available again. 4.1.1 introduces many new features both in the main shell and as library add-ons. It has been in development for some time and is believed to be fairly stable. 4.0.7 is a bug-fix release for the stable branch of zsh. zsh is a shell probably most similar to ksh, but with countless enhancements and differences.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2003-06-19

Zsh 4.0.1 released

Version 4.0.1 of zsh, the Z-Shell, has been
released. This is a stable release with many
enhancements over the previous stable release,
particular in the areas of completion, line
editing, modularity and parameter substitution.

The zsh home page is at http://www.zsh.org/

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2001-06-01

Zsh versions 3.0.8 and 3.1.9 released

Versions 3.0.8 (stable) and 3.1.9 (beta) of zsh, the Z Shell,
have been released. Zsh is a ksh-like UNIX shell with
countless enhancements, particularly in the area of
interactive use.

Posted by Peter Stephenson 2000-06-05

zsh Moving to SourceForge

zsh is in the process of moving to SourceForge; please bear with us during this period. Check the mailing lists at http://www.zsh.org/mla/ if you want to know more about what's happening.

Posted by Adam Spiers 2000-03-30

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