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Bug reports are not currently being accepted through the SourceForge ticketing tools. The shell is being maintained by various (entirely self-appointed) subscribers to the mailing list,

so mail about any issues (bug reports, suggestions, complaints...) related to the development of the shell should be sent there. If you want someone to mail you directly, say so. Most patches to zsh appear there first.

Please note when reporting bugs that many exist only on certain architectures, which the developers may not have access to. In this case debugging information, as detailed as possible, is particularly welcome.

feature requests

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
88 Can't create a RW local copy of KEYMAP feature_requests closed-wont-fix Bart Schaefer 2013-01-26 2013-01-26 5  
86 Add support for nested VCS feature_requests open 2013-01-20 2013-01-25 5  
83 Host Name Completion Needs Updating feature_requests open 2012-10-31 2012-10-31 5  
70 Very easy change. Increase MAX_POS feature_requests open 2011-11-20 2013-01-25 5  
35 _imagemagick needs some corrections feature_requests open 2006-06-20 2006-06-20 1  
30 need more info than "Ignore insecure directories and continu feature_requests closed-invalid 2005-02-03 2005-04-21 5  
7 various issues with promptsys feature_requests open Adam Spiers 2000-04-26 2000-04-26 3  
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