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Rename ntport/ directory to winnt/, change all references.

timayres timayres 2010-02-06

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renamed Src/ntport/CONTIBUTORS.TXT -> Src/winnt/CONTIBUTORS.TXT
renamed (with changes) Src/ntport/ChangeLog -> Src/winnt/ChangeLog
renamed Src/ntport/GPL -> Src/winnt/GPL
renamed Src/ntport/LICENSE.TXT -> Src/winnt/LICENSE.TXT
renamed (with changes) Src/ntport/Makefile.msvc -> Src/winnt/Makefile.msvc
renamed (with changes) Src/ntport/README.html -> Src/winnt/README.html
removed Src/ntport/ZSHLOGO.RC
renamed Src/ntport/bogus.c -> Src/winnt/bogus.c
renamed Src/ntport/config.h.winnt -> Src/winnt/config.h.winnt
renamed Src/ntport/console.c -> Src/winnt/console.c
renamed Src/ntport/dirent.c -> Src/winnt/dirent.c
renamed Src/ntport/dirent.h -> Src/winnt/dirent.h
renamed Src/ntport/example.zshrc -> Src/winnt/example.zshrc
renamed Src/ntport/fork.c -> Src/winnt/fork.c
renamed Src/ntport/globals.c -> Src/winnt/globals.c
renamed Src/ntport/io.c -> Src/winnt/io.c
renamed Src/ntport/ntb1.c -> Src/winnt/ntb1.c
renamed Src/ntport/ntb2.c -> Src/winnt/ntb2.c
renamed Src/ntport/ntfunc.c -> Src/winnt/ntfunc.c
renamed Src/ntport/ntport.h -> Src/winnt/ntport.h
renamed Src/ntport/ps.c -> Src/winnt/ps.c
renamed Src/ntport/signal.c -> Src/winnt/signal.c
renamed Src/ntport/signal.h -> Src/winnt/signal.h
renamed Src/ntport/stdio.c -> Src/winnt/stdio.c
added Src/winnt/ZSHLOGO.RC
Src/ntport/ChangeLog to Src/winnt/ChangeLog Diff Switch to side-by-side view
Src/ntport/GPL to Src/winnt/GPL
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/Makefile.msvc to Src/winnt/Makefile.msvc Diff Switch to side-by-side view
Src/ntport/README.html to Src/winnt/README.html Diff Switch to side-by-side view
File was removed.
Src/ntport/bogus.c to Src/winnt/bogus.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/fork.c to Src/winnt/fork.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/io.c to Src/winnt/io.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/ntb1.c to Src/winnt/ntb1.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/ntb2.c to Src/winnt/ntb2.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/ps.c to Src/winnt/ps.c
File was renamed.
Src/ntport/stdio.c to Src/winnt/stdio.c
File was renamed.
Src/winnt/ZSHLOGO.RC Diff Switch to side-by-side view
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