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  • Etienne Tourigny


    I'm planning on integrating ZoomifyImage and Zoomifier viewer SWF into Gallery2 (  The discussion thread is at .

    Does anyone here feel like helping in the discussion or coding?

    I assume that the normal image sizes are around 6MP, 2.5MB images (that's what I have), there should not be many really big photos.  So which of the toolkits do you think is the most suited for this, in terms of memory, disk and processing time?  I tried the default python with PIL and it took about 8 seconds to process a 6MP image, which is rather long when you have many images to process (it's not criticism, but an observation).


    • adam smith

      adam smith - 2006-10-14

      Its great to see someone doing this; I have used Gallery2 in the recent past, and thought of doing this work, but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.

      Yes, the conversion time is a consideration, although you would only have to do it once (unless the image being zoomified is itself modified) when the person uploads the image, not every time when the user views the image, so as long as you manage the expectations of the person uploading images, I think this will not be too bad, especially for the image sizes you will likely encounter.

      As for integrating the software into PHP, download ZoomifyImage and check out the contributed software section of the README document. There, you will find a description of software written by Justin Henry to integrate ZoomifyImage and PHP. He allowed me to distribute his code and documentation with ZoomifyImage for convenience. That should give you a good start. (You can also go to his blog description of this software at if you don't want to download the software just yet.)

      I have to admit, I am not very knowledgeable about alternatives to Zoomify at this point. I began writing this software over 2 years ago, and at the time, I believed it was the best (I think the ONLY) solution, but I am sure there are better competing alternatives out there now. The Javascript approach could be very attractive, especially with AJAX as accepted as it is today.

      I think it would be great if others who have knowledge and/or experience with other possible approaches could at least point them out and briefly describe them here, that way people looking for this type of solution who find their way to ZoomifyImage could easily learn about alternatives that may suit them better. (I'd love to learn more about them too.)

    • Etienne Tourigny

      There seems to be a licensing problem in using the SWF viewer.  We are authorized to use it but not redistribute it, unless someone who has the licence to the .fla sources (included in the Zoomifyer for Flash) and then publish the SWF.

      In "Legal Notices.txt" included in
      it is written "The following Zoomify viewing software may be freely distributed in non-source (compiled or published) form: Zoomify Viewers, Zoomify View er SWF (with import protection enabled)."

      How do you feel about this?

      Is there anyone out there that could distribute the SWF?

    • adam smith

      adam smith - 2006-10-26


      Yes, the Zoomify viewer bundled with ZoomifyImage is not open source, but is covered by the Zoomify license contained in the distribution. (Check out the readme file for more information.) If you would like to create a more elaborate viewer, go to to see the options available.


    • Etienne Tourigny


      I was questioning the legality of bundling software that's not GPL in a GPL project.  The licence allows individuals to use the software on one computer only, but lets owners of the commeercial versions publish SWF versions of their viewer.  So are we allowed to bundle this software in a GPL project, such as this one but also Gallery2, without having the commercial licence?


      • adam smith

        adam smith - 2006-10-26

        I did attempt to make the licensing clear in several places in the documentation, and did not try to misrepresent Zoomify's work as my own or attempt to redistribute the work under the GPL. I initially worked with Zoomify Inc. on the software, and this approach satisfied them--actually I asked them if I could redistribute their free viewer so people could start using ZoomifyImage immediately after installing it, and the Zoomify license you see in the product was the condition they stipulated. (They also encouraged me to redistribute their copyrighted test.jpg image which they felt would best highlight the Zoomify viewer.) The viewer I redistribute is very basic, and was added as a convenience and was never intended to be considered part of ZoomifyImage. The assumption is that if you are using ZoomifyImage, its because you have already bought or have decided to buy Zoomify, and you would therefore be replacing the free viewer with your own anyway. The goal of ZoomifyImage was just to allow you to deploy Zoomify more flexibly.

        But, I am not a lawyer, so if you're concerned about using ZoomifyImage, you may want to have your own lawyer review the licenses or contact Zoomify Inc. directly with any questions about how to properly license their products.


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