TIF and PNG Problems

  • Ciaran Clissmann

    Some TIF files and some PNG files process perfectly, and some don't. The problem files
    - create a file-specific directory under the toplevel directory
    - create a TileGroup0 directory
    - create just one tile
    - place that tile in the toplevel directory
    - don't create an XML file

    If I convert them to JPEG they behave ok, but I'd like to use the origal top-quality TIFs.

    Any ideas ?

    Running on linux, apache, mysql, php and python infrastructure



    • adam smith

      adam smith - 2006-05-17


      Sorry to hear about your problems. Just to clarify--the list you gave, is this a synopsis of everything that happens when you run a single image, or is this a list of different outcomes from multiple runs? Did you get any Python exceptions?

      I have never personally used the software on PNG images, so off the top of my head, I can't think of any causes. The main issue with TIFFs (as I recall) was that tiled TIFF images were not handled well.

      • Ciaran Clissmann

        Hi, thanks for the reply.
        This is what happens for a single image. No python exceptions are visible.

        I'm using the software via a php wrapper (based on the work of Justin Henry at http://www.uvm.edu/~jhenry/wordpress/2006/02/09/batch-converting-for-zoomify-with-zoomifyimage/, but with various other bits of php added myself. The usual process is to upload the image to the toplevel ('pix') directory with FTP and then run Justin's zoomifyimagewrapper.php, which takes each image in the pix directory, checks to see if a directory of the same name exists, and if no such directory exists than passes it through to ZoomifyFileProcessor.py.

        If you'd like to go offline, I'd be happy to send you the URL of the system, I'm ciaran@clissmann.com.

        Thanks for any insight you can give!


    • adam smith

      adam smith - 2006-05-20


      I wanted to respond on the forum so anyone else having this problem can see what I hope is the solution.

      I think I missed something simple. In ZoomifyBase.py, change line 201 from this:
        imageRow.save(saveFilename, 'JPEG', quality=100)
      to this:
        imageRow.convert("RGB").save(saveFilename, 'JPEG', quality=100)
      And I think you will see an improvement. Let me know of course if you still see problems.

      I will be updating Sourceforge when I get a few moments, but this change will get you going now.

      I hope this helps. Let me know how things go, and of course, thanks for letting me know about the issue.



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