adam smith - 2008-05-14

I just released a new version of ZoomifyImage, version 1.4, which fixes a minor bug and updates the code to work with Zope 2.8 and higher. The full changelog follows:

- Fixed another instance of "SystemError: tile cannot extend outside image" bug when
  one of a tile's dimensions is 0 pixels. (Thanks Tomasz Rodecki.)
- Replaced deprecated transaction.get().commit(#) with transaction.commit() and transaction.savepoint()
  to account for deprecations/removals from ZODB code starting in Zope 2.8.
- ZoomifyImage now uses the system temporary directory for temporary files instead of Zope instance root.
  (Not tested in Windows. Thanks to Johannes Raggam for this suggestion.)
- Put all test images into "test_images" directory.
- Updated documentation accordingly.