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200th download !!

I am glad to celebrate the 200th download of zoomfx !!

This motivates me to start in a few month an ultimate version, ZoomXT which will use a completely rebuilt core using OpenFX via TuttleOFX library.
This will allow to use plugins from very professional movie editor softwares.

If I reach 1000 downloads, I start the project.

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2011-05-20

Imageshack uploading

Version 1.3 now support imageshack upload !!

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2011-01-21

English translation

In version 1.3, I have just added the english translation.

Have fun.

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2011-01-21

Liquid Rescale (reciblage)

I have added retargeting inside ZoomFX 1.1, this is awesome, I recommand to try it. Beware not to choose new width and height too far from original.


Base image, 3x2:

Common resize:

Liquid Rescale, maintaining proportions on important features:

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2010-12-17

Added MAC version

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2010-12-08

[ZoomFX] Initial introduction

ZoomFX is a tool to help in image batch process thanks to an helpful visual interface.
Just use drag & drop to apply some filters to a bunch of images.

- Resizing with the best interpolation algorithms.
- Rotation with good interpolation
- Vertical & horizontal mirror
- Gaussian blur
- Denoising using nl-means
- Denoising using anisotropic blur
- Sharpen using a good algorithm (using EDP).
- Upscale by x2 or x3
- Inpainting
- Filters templates
- Drag & drop easy interface
- Retargetting... read more

Posted by Du Bois Eloi 2010-12-06