#55 Connect ZNCs



it would be nice if ZNC would help to work around netsplits if it might be possible to connect differnte ZNCs so that all Users on the same Network (but on different servers) will be connect so they can read also the other side of the netsplit. On the same ZNC would this also be nice.

A connection of the partyline-"channels" over different Znc also might usefully.

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sounds complicated and highly fragile. Also if netsplits are a major problem, you should switch networks.

    For connecting partyline channels: Uhm, why don't you just put those people on the same ZNC?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    "It is possible to link your bouncer to others and to link other bouncers
    to yours. That allows a shared off-irc partyline and sharing of resources
    as like vhosts."

    is a feature of an other bnc so the link of the partylines would be great ^^

    i cann't put all users on the same znc, i need for example 3 connections to 1 network only for me at the same time (channellimit ~.~). Or some of my Users also stay on different networks at the same time, so they need different znc's.

    The "netsplit-work-around" would be a great feature, netsplits ain't a major problem but happens always in the wrong moment, so it would be a very nice feature ^_^

  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2010-06-19
    • status: open --> closed
  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2010-06-19

    I kinda doubt this is going to happen. If anyone feels like implementing this, feel free


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