Authing with Q on Quakenet

  • MaartenT

    MaartenT - 2007-07-11


    It would be great if znc could automatically auth me with Q upon connecting with Quakenet.
    I think it can be done with the perform module, but i don't know how.
    Who can tell me how to, please ?

    Thnx a lot.

    • MentalFS

      MentalFS - 2007-07-11

      It should work with
      /msg *perform add msg AUTH <username> <password>

      Of course you have to load the module before with
      /msg *status loadmod perform
      or via config

      • MaartenT

        MaartenT - 2007-07-11

        Well it even works by doing just /msg AUTH <username> <password> ,but both commands require logging on to znc with a client and manually entering the command.
        What i rather have is znc to auth for me.

        I tried putting the command in de znc.conf like this:

        LoadModule = perform /msg AUTH <username> <password>

        But that didnt work. Maybe i got the syntax wrong or it doesnt work at all ?

    • Daniel Schmitz

      Daniel Schmitz - 2007-07-11

      you have to work with the IRC protocol messages (not with mIRC or other IRC client commands).

      In your case it'll be:

      /msg *perform add PRIVMSG :AUTH username password

      And you CANT add perform commands via the arguments in the LoadModule line in the znc.conf!
      You have to add it the way we wrote.

      Best reagards

      • MaartenT

        MaartenT - 2007-07-12

        So if i understand you correct i can't get znc to automatically auth me with Q ?

        Why is it exactly i should use

        /msg *perform add PRIVMSG :AUTH <username> <password>

        instead of

        /msg AUTH <username> <password>

        Th latter does seem to work fine too when issued in xchat while connected to znc ?

        • Psychon

          Psychon - 2007-07-12


          when you do

          /msg *perform add PRIVMSG :AUTH <username> <password>

          you are telling znc to send the auth message to Q when znc reconnects the next time (it isnt send at the time you do this).

          So after you did this, znc will auth you with Q on the next connect (if the perform module is loaded).

          /msg *perform add PRIVMSG :AUTH <username> <password>
          /msg AUTH <username> <password>
          are *not* the same, the latter auth you with Q, the first one tells znc to auth you with Q on the next reconnect.



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