Hide all BAN info messages when new client

  • Dr_Willis

    Dr_Willis - 2009-05-17

    Ive been exploring the wonderfull world of using ZNC and IRSSI on freenode. Thanks for such a useful utility.
    The one annoyance/issue i have been trying to figure out how to work around is that when I have a new client connect to
    the znc server. All my other machines/irssi clients get a rather huge listing of BAN information.

    such as ->
    08:43 |-INFO > 5 - #puppylinux: ban *!*n=Omelet@*.static.dsl.dodo.com.au [by reynolds.freenode.net, 5696880 secs ago]

    On a small channel like #puppylinux i only see like 5 such messag lines. But on #ubuntu i see about 500+

    Been exploring how to block the messages in znc  or in  irssi . but i must be overlooking somthing.

    Normally as soon as i post a forum message - i then go back to rere-re-read the docs and then find the answer. :)

    Thank you in advance for any info to fix this bother.

    • Psychon

      Psychon - 2009-05-17

      This would be a case for the route_replies module[1], I guess, but with it's current architecture it can't handle bans.
      The proper solution would be to route these replies, but if you dont need to know a channel's ban list, I guess one could hack up a module which blocks all channel ban requests...

      [1] http://en.znc.in/wiki/Route_replies

    • Dr_Willis

      Dr_Willis - 2009-05-17

      All righty - I guess i can force irssi some how to use a regular expression to block the lines. but thats a bit over my irssi-fu skills at this time. :) 

      At least i can focus on IRSSI as a way to 'fix' the annoyance.


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