• Cahier Paul-Kenji

    Would it be possible to have cleartext logs?
    These are quite useful in-non-security-critical situations...

    • Psychon

      Psychon - 2007-07-06

      This sounds like you should open a feature request for it...

      What should the logs look like? where should they be saved?

      ~/.znc/logs/#znc.log and ~/.znc/logs/query-psychon.log where each line looks like:
      [12:01:48] <psychon> I guess ill have to implement a logging module
      (and I guess also nick changes, joins etc...)

      Anyone votes for / against this?
      If we get 3 votes ill pretend not to be lazy and do it ;)

    • MentalFS

      MentalFS - 2007-07-11

      I'll now describe what I would see as the perfect cleartext-logging module.

      My preference would be one log per day/channel/query. Files would be named #Channel.2007-07-11.log or Nickname.2007-07-11.log.
      The Folder the logs are saved in would be something like ~/logs/<ZNC-Username>/, maybe with subfolders based on the year/month (2007-07).
      Maybe it is possible to keep the file naming and path configurable.

      I'd also like to exclude certain channels from logging.

      Anyway, I'm voting for cleartext logs even if they don't look that way. Logs are the main reason i started looking for a bouncer.


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