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webadmin error on upgrade

  • Yuuzhan

    Yuuzhan - 2013-04-10

    Hello, I was running the ubuntu repository znc, but then i upgraded to version 1.  Since then the webadmin console does not seem to work correctly.  I can log in, click the "Home" "webadmin" and "Preform" links, but when i try to click any of the "Global Settings" "Your settings" etc links underneath webadmin, I get

    Not Found

    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    ZNC - at xxxxxxxx Port yyyyy

    I have sinced tried upgrading to the git repository and -purged the old ubuntu znc module.  I deleted the old .znc folder and re-installed it so it would have a fresh copy, but the same issue is there.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    And yes, i have loaded the module globally in the config file.

  • Yuuzhan

    Yuuzhan - 2013-04-11

    Update: I installed a VM to test on a clean install, and the webadmin works like a charm.  There must be some leftover files somewhere.  Any help finding them would be appreciated.

  • Yuuzhan

    Yuuzhan - 2013-04-11

    Ok, so I figured out how to run znc in debug mode and fond the following error:

    _LISTENER == ConnectionFrom(::1, 39143)
    There are  clients from
    Page Request 
    Found existing session from cookie:  IsLoggedIn(true)
    Path , Module , Page
    CTemplate::AppendPath(/usr/local/share/znc/webskins/_default_//mods/webadmin/) ==
    CTemplate::AppendPath(/home/USER/.znc/modules/webadmin/tmpl/) ==
    CTemplate::AppendPath(/usr/local/share/znc/webskins/_default_//mods/webadmin/) ==
    CTemplate::AppendPath(/usr/local/share/znc/webskins/_default_//tmpl/) ==
    Unable to find  in any of the 4 defined paths
    CTemplate::PrependPath(settings.tmpl/..) ==
    CTemplate::SetFile() -  does not exist
    Unable to find  in any of the 5 defined paths
    CTemplate::PrependPath(settings.tmpl/..) ==
    CTemplate::SetFile() -  does not exist
    - 404 (Not Found)

    So I manually copied over the data from the installer packages:

    cp -R modules/data/webadmin/ ~/.znc/modules/

    This has been fixed for me, but I am curious why the files did not copy in the first place.


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