localhost, dcc and vhost

  • Monk

    Monk - 2008-02-11

    I'm currently playing with the following setup:
    - IRCD and ZNC on the same box
    - ZNC connecting to the IRCD over

    This works sofar but once I do it DCC is broken because mirc can't get the localinfo and ZNC tries to establish a DCC connection over localhost.
    Next thing I tried is to set the IP of the box as Vhost in ZNC. Now mirc gets the correct localinfo. When I try to send or receive a file now by DCC it *seems* that the connection is established, there is no timeout or whatsoever but no data is actually send or received.

    This behaviour pretty much confuses me :p
    Is there a way to make a setup where ZNC connects over localhost work with DCC?



    • Psychon

      Psychon - 2008-02-12


      mIRC (and many other clients) get there ip address from server replies (I don't know which one exactly).
      If you connect through a bouncer like ZNC the client might think it has ZNC's ip and thus uses this ip for DCC.
      Try setting your ip address in the mIRC options.

      Besides this: Are you doing a DCC with ZNC (I guess not)? Or does ZNC just bounce the DCC? Is ZNC even involved (BounceDCC = false)?

      No idea why no data is transfered... (You connected to ZNC, but ZNC didn't manage to connect to the other peer? You would get a message from *status)


    • Monk

      Monk - 2008-05-06

      I tried to simplify the setup but I can't get it working that ZNC stops bouncing DCC sends.

      - ZNC runs on IP_A
      - Connects to a different leaf on IP_B
      - My mIRC runs on IP_C

      Regardless which combination of "BounceDCCs" and "DCCLookupMethod" lookup method I try, the DCC sends are always bounced. Per default mIRC fetches IP_A as localinfo for DCC. Even when I manually enter my own internet connection IP (IP_C) DCC gets bounced over ZNC. Currentyl I run a SVN revision somewhere around r1000.
      Any help would be appreciated.



      • Psychon

        Psychon - 2008-05-06

        Well, if you have BounceDCCs = false, ZNC shouldn't bounce anything.
        And if you enter your own IP (IP_C) manually in mIRC, I don't really see how this can happen...

        Oh and if you have BounceDCCs = false, DCCLookupMethod isn't used at all.

        So I'd say: BounceDCCs = false and you are set. No idea why this doesn't work :(


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