znc and znc-extra together

  • Saevar Einarsson

    Why do you have znc and znc-extra in separated ? best way is to have this in 1 file. I'm trying to compile this on FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE and it's not working at all, what is the trick ? i need to compile this with modules but in znc-0.070 setup there is no options to choose what modules i would like to add. So what is the trick to compile znc-0.070 and znc-extra-0.070 together on FreeBSD ? i have try this
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/home/foo/.znc
    gmake install
    everytime it looks in /root/.znc for my config and it's making me mad
    When i try to
    ./znc --makeconf
    the same thing happend, it goes in to /root/.znc

    • CNU

      CNU - 2009-05-30

      The basic tenet of this failure is the of the architecture of the BSD kernel, we believe that a different approach is necessary. We cannot do much to impact a framework's effective ABI, but if you could somehow provide us access to the server we perform an analysis of the flip-flop gates.

    • Saevar Einarsson

      I realy don't understand what you are talking about, i'm just asking why znc try to look in to /root/.znc when my --prefix is in /home/foo/.znc
      ./configure --prefix=/usr/home/foo/.znc
      gmake install
      ./znc --makeconf
      and i get this
      [ !! ] Writing config [/root/.znc/configs/znc.conf]... [ Unable to open file ]
      [ ?? ] Please specify an alternate location (or "stdout" for displaying the config) [/root/.znc/configs/znc.conf]:
      then i tell it do put this in /home/foo/.znc/configs/znc.conf
      and that work's
      so i try to run znc like this
      ./znc /home/foo/.znc/configs/znc.conf
      and now i get this error
      [ !! ] Loading Module [away]... [ Module [away] aborted: This module needs as an argument a keyphrase used for encryption ]

    • Saevar Einarsson

      Problem solved :)
      instead of
      ./znc --makeconf
      i did
      ./znc --makeconf --datadir /home/foo/.znc
      now it don't try to put my config in /root/.znc


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