How to web admin, unable to make it work

  • Underneath

    Underneath - 2009-05-19

    I used several IRC bouncers and i just found ZNC by accident and from what I have read it looks awesome.
    So I installed it without any fancy modules as I wanted it to do it step by step.
    After installation the first problem I encounter is to have webadmin module active? It’s not that logical as it was described (at least for me), I can always reinstall ZNC and then make webadmin active so that isn’t a big problem.
    The biggest problem is that I’m unable to make webadmin working.
    My dir structure is build like this:

    Webadmin I found here:
    And here:
    No mather what I do I’m unable to launch webadmin (installed it with all modules second time) and I think that’s because I only can access webpages that are placed in this dir:

    Anyone can help me solving this problem?

    • Sebastian Ramacher

      Please read  This should explain you need to know to load and use webadmin.
      Furthermore this has nothing to do with your public_html folder. znc runs totaly independet from your local httpd.

    • Underneath

      Underneath - 2009-05-19

      played around a bit and indeed it worked. Thanks for helping out


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