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  • Un1matr1x

    Un1matr1x - 2010-01-01


    I build up a new skin for the webadmin-module, and I'd like to share this with the whole ZNC-Comunity. <br />
    The Style is called GreenVision and a preview is avalibe at <br /><br />
    But how (mail, rapidshare, … f.e.) can I submit the zip-file and where that it's reaching the right persons to get approved and may add to the znc-files?

    Best Regards


  • Un1matr1x

    Un1matr1x - 2010-01-06


    because nobody answered untill now, I uploaded it

    so if someone is intressted in or if it could be packed into the znc-package

    best regards


  • Efreak

    Efreak - 2010-01-11

    I've got some ideas for improvement, if you're interested:
    Find some way to stretch it nicely; my monitor is bigger, and the white margins look funny.
    in the settings & global modules page: the text areas at the top have a green background, but the arguments boxes below are white. In the edit user page, checkboxes are white while text areas are green. Perhaps make them all the same color, possibly #D4E875 or some other lighter shade of green.
    All that bluish-gray text might work better as some darker shade of green, such as #003C00.

    Your menu is AWESOME! I love it!

  • Un1matr1x

    Un1matr1x - 2010-01-16

    SKIN Name: Green Vision
    Autor: Un1matr1x

    SKIN Version: 0.2
    SKIN Preview: @
    SKIN Beschreibung:

    This Skin is a rebuild of a  phpBB-Styles from CoSa NoStrA DeSiGn.

    Dies Skin has a size of 280.821 Bytes and this is more than 10 times bigger than the defaultskin and even more then the double size of any other skin in the znc-package

    Languages: English
    Supported ZNC-Versionen: 0.078

    Skin Download:


    • 0.2 - 2010/01/16
      (hopefully) last german parts removed
      improved NoScript handling
      Lizensinformationen added
      (hopfully) all Inputboxen "greened out"

    • 0.1 - 2010/01/01
      First Release

    Have fun and best regards



    Hi efreakbnc,

    thanks for your feedback :) first of all I made all changes I promised on IRC about a week ago … Thanks for the hint with the arguments boxes - I "greened them out"
    The Problem with the Option & Checkboxes is, that every browser handles it different afaik - f.e. FF doesn't do anything, IE only the Border around … but I made changes (untested) for browsers that support this. The fontcolor is a lil' bit tricky - because i want to stay near at the original version and that's also the answer for the "wide-screen-problem" - mainly beacause I'm not into gfx to change the headerimage that it would look nice & smooth and the second is also to stay near to the original version (btw HOW WIDE IS YOUR SCREEN?)

    Hope you like the skin anyhow

    best Regards Un1

  • Un1matr1x

    Un1matr1x - 2010-08-15

    This Skin only works with znv below version 0.090, because since that version znc moved from "only webadmin" to webmods, what isn't supported yet by this skin.

    I just reuploaded the old skin, becaus someone tryed to grab it last week and I took it offline … so if you want it - take it at:


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