#90 cppcheck warnings for r2076


Purpose of this ticket is just to inform you about possible warnings shown by lovely cppcheck.
At the moment there are no errors at all but several warnings assigned values that are never used and some functions that could be constants. Also a few redundant conditions.

I've used cppcheck 1.43 GUI version against r2076 trunk.
Log is provided.

Thank you for this amazing bouncer that i couldn't imagine IRC without.


  • vBm

    vBm - 2010-07-09

    Cppcheck on r2076

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't have the time to look into this in detail right now, but most of the comments seem to be bogus. All of the "value not used" ones seem to be coming from AddRow() which returns a reference to an internal instance so that one can set state on it. Will look into the others later when I have the time.

  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2010-07-10
    • status: open --> closed
  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2010-07-10

    Ignored all the "that is never used" (too many false-positives), "C-style pointer casting" (that's just how it is, sorry) and constructor related warnings, fixed the rest (I think)...


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