#85 Reconnect after connection reset


When running ZNC on a (private) server that doesn't have a static connection (connection resets about every 12 hours by the ISP) it usually takes at least 5 minutes after the actual connection reset until ZNC tries to reconnect to the IRC network.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It should take at most 4 minutes (240 seconds to be exact, more likely less than that).

    If there was no traffic on the IRC connection for three minutes, ZNC sends a ping. After another minute, the connection should time out. (The kernel itself would wait a lot longer until it considers a connectioned as timed out)

    If we lower those limits, traffic usage would increase since there would be quite pointless PINGs. What's your suggestion for us?

    (Oh and from your description: Where is the bug? You just describe how it is without saying what's actually wrong)

    (Or did I misunderstand you and you aren't talking about the timeout but about the time between the IRC connection dying and znc trying to reconnect?)

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