#62 znc supress output (e.g. RAW 001!) on a multi-user-bnc

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Hey there,
I have a serious problem with a multi-user-bnc with 9 users: ZNC doesn't submit the welcome-messages! The output doesn't start with RAW 001, but with about 20 repetitions of RAW 005 after the pass is sent from the client. But some clients require that at least RAW 001 is sent by the server (e.g. to confirm the client is connected correctly), so this is a serious malfunction. It only happens on that multi-user BNC, not on a normal bnc.

It would be very nice if this would be fixed soon, because I need the multiuser-bnc...

Michael aka DerGrinch


  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2009-07-23
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • CNU

    CNU - 2009-07-25

    we have a limit of 100 raw lines (not counting MOTD) for the raw buffer, if that limit is hit the oldest entry (raw 001) is removed

  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2009-07-25

    Is there any chance that you modify the buffer so that some importants raws (like 001) is never removed?
    Or may you tell me why the buffer doesn't gets deleted? I mean, nobody needs 15 times the same message just because there were 15 logins..

    Maybe you could tell me where the number of lines is specified, so that I can increase it for me (better get spammed than a connection error..)


  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2009-08-03

    ZNC used to add all raw 005s to the raw buffer. If you used /lusers, the 005s that were generated where cached, too. This was fixed in znc svn trunk. I guess that fixes your bug?

    So I guess your problem was that some client did a couple of /lusers.


  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2009-08-07

    Okay thanks, I think the clients did /luser upon connecting, so after some connects the buffer was flooded. Because you said you fixed the bug in the svn trunk, I have marked it as fixed and closed and I'm waiting for the next ZNC version. thanks

  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2009-08-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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