#4 Problem w/ SetOption "count", 500


I am trying to use ZMARCO to extract records from
the Alachua County Library
District's Sirsi server. Whenever I aim the populator
at that server,

every query returns a 10004 Connection lost () error
message. The populator
works when aimed at the default,
ilcso.illinois.edu:210/illinet_online so I
know that it is properly installed.

If I aim Zap! at the sirsi server and send it @attr
1=31 2003, for instance, it
properly returns records, so I know their server is
responding properly to the

I thught it might have to do with using the IP address
instead of hostname, but
I used the IP address for ilcso.illinois.edu and that
worked, so that isn't it

I traced around in code but couldn't find anything. I
pulled open the VBZOOM
code as well, but it seemed to dead-end into yaz.dll
and since zap also uses
yax.dll, I didn't think it would help to go into there.
I verified that they
are both using the same copy of yaz.dll.


Some trial and error indicated that the problem was the
zc.SetOption "count", "500" line. Commenting this line
out seemed to solve the problem.