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Version 0.7 Released!

ZMail version 0.7 has been released! Some of the new features include:
* ability to send MIME emails
* a rich text editor for emails - now you can format the emails however you want!
* a new server settings interface - contains a list of recent servers

Version 0.7 is a substantial improvement from the previous version. Check it out!

Posted by Zach Denton 2010-12-20

Completely New Website!

Check it out!

I hate to brag, but I really think it looks great. Hopefully this will generate more downloads.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-05-30

Website Revamped...

I spent a bit of time updating the website - - and the result is decent, but not as good as I'd hoped. To be honest, it was really just an experiment in CSS/XHTML for me.

Anyway, some changes include listing team members, gradient background, centered layout, etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the look I wanted - you know: rounded corners, drop shadows, etc - the Web 2.0 look. Oh well, maybe next time.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-05-28

0.6 released.

I'm pleased to announce the 0.6 release of ZMail. This release fixes several bugs, especially those that concern compatibility on unix-based systems. For more details, check the changelog, which is included in the download.

On a side note, I really want to thank everyone who has contributed to ZMail in one form or another. You guys have really taken ZMail from a simple script to a useful application. Thanks.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-05-02

Documentation in the wiki!

Thanks to Ralph Loizzo, who has provided excellent documentation for ZMail, accessible via the wiki.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-04-15

0.5 released.

In 0.5, all the developers who have joined the team are listed in the about-page of the application.

Also, those wanting to build the script on windows with py2exe will find that the build script is updated.

Furthermore, the zmail_web release has been updated with more readable code and a sample index.html file which can be used to test stylesheets on.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-04-13

0.4.1 released!

I have finally implemented something I've been wanting to for a while, namely SMTP authentication. Now users can use any SMTP servers, not just those that don't require authentication. I have also updated the configuration window to reflect these updates.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-03-20

ZMail_CGI released!

I am proud to announce the release of ZMail_CGI, a way to use the ZMail script from the web. The installation is easy: upload to cgi-bin directory, chmod the script to 755; run the script in your browser.

PS: The ZMail project is looking for up-and-coming python developers to help add new features. Just contact me if you want to be a developer.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-03-09

0.32 released.

0.32 is released, now all files are included in a single package.

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-03-09

0.31b released!

Finally, I have released the first public build of ZMail. For those of you who don't know, ZMail is a tool that can send email from anyone, to anyone. In other words, you could send an email from the president to your boss, from the principal to your teacher, from the queen to your parents, etc, etc...

Posted by Zach Denton 2008-02-27