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Timeplot without PlotDataSource

  • madruga0315

    madruga0315 - 2008-05-15

    Hey guys,

    Is there a way to use the timeplot with dynamic data only?
    Whithout the need of PlotDataSource?

    I´ve tried in several ways to do this (all the tests were with FF2), and non of the worked.
    - Use ListModelList add/remove;
    - Use Plotinfo.addPlotData(pd);
    - Use both of then, and then call Plotinfo.invalidate(), Plotinfo.repaint()

    No sucess.

    My last try was to create an .txt file with the data, and then pass to the PlotDataSource,
    but then I ran into some JS exceptions, but how I have no knowledge with JS, I didn´t go deeper.

    Please help,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also tryied this ... but as there is no news here since may 2k8 I don't have too much hope on getting any news ... or maybe ?


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