z-one - 2011-03-12

Hi, the import functionality is not documented (just like anything else) so I understand your confusion.

First of all, the so called "group dictionary" name was something that left over from a very old version. I will modify that label for the next version. There is the English-Japanese dictionary (from JMDict), and you can create a dictionary for other languages. If you only want use English, then there is no point in creating anything.

The vocabulary files on the Wakan site are not in the format that Wakan usually exports so you will have to do the following:
1. Import vocabulary file into Wakan.
2. Uncheck any other group in Wakan, only the newly imported one should be left.
3. Export the file in Unicode format from Wakan. (With the export button above the group of vocabulary words)

Now there is a difference if you want to create a new dictionary (not group!) from the exported words or just create a group for an existing dictionary.
For a group only (this is what you probably want) :
4a. in zkanji, select "Import Wakan vocab..." from the "File" menu.
5a. pick English in the dialog.
6a. select the newly exported wakan csv file.
7a. press "Begin"

There will be quite a few errors, because the vocab list on the Wakan website is out of date and bad to begin with. Only those words can be imported to zkanji that exist in the current English-Japanese dictionary.

Steps for a new dictionary:
4b. in zkanji select "Import dictionary..." from the "File" menu.
5b. Select a dictionary to import the words to. You can't select "English" here, just an existing user dictionary or enter a name for a dictionary that doesn't exist yet.
6b. select the newly exported wakan csv file.
7b. make other changes in that dialog depending on what you want.
8b. press "Begin"

Again there will be many error messages because of the old vocabulary file on the Wakan's website and its strange format. (Even after importing and exporting with Wakan)

Hope this helps! Ask any time if there was something I couldn't explain well.