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#51 Both dictionary update setup & Autoupdate tools fails to upgrade dictionary


I am not sure why, but it seems I am not able to update the dictionary. When I try to do so, at restart (when running the setup executable) or after the auto-update download, I get a message that some cards need to be updated manually and that after pushing OK I should decide what to do (proceed or go back using the old dictionary). However, as I click on OK, nothing happens: there is no further popup and the dictionary is seemingly the old one.


  • jhack89

    jhack89 - 2014-03-09

    I think it might be because of the failed update, but now when I try to test in the long-term study every few words I keep getting this error I also attached in the screenshot:

    "Access Violation at address XXXXXXXX in module 'zkanji.exe'. Read of address XXXXXXXX."
    This is very bad. I cannot use the long-term study any longer...

  • jhack89

    jhack89 - 2014-03-11

    I was able to restore the previous dictionary from a backup I did before, and it seems to work again. Now when doing the handwriting test, it still gives some Exception error (in a smaller dialog box), but it does not affect the test itself, so it's fine. I hope I will manage to get the new dictionary on next version.

    Thank you for your hard work! Zkanji project is wonderful, and I'd like you to know that (even though I am not very diligent in the Long-term study tool) Zkanji is running on my computers 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You truly made an indispensable tool!



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