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Updates: Excel, FAQ, and a Bash script

Pretty strong updates today. First off, Jonathan Colson was kindly enough to provide a distance calculation function for Excel. (

Peter Santoro has graciously donated a bash script that converts from CSV to SQL Inserts. It is generic SQL and should work in every SQL-compliant database. (

Finally, I've added a FAQ to the site.

Posted by Jared 2006-03-06

Zip Code Distance Calculation now in Java

Thanks to Rob Sterner we have the distance calculation written out in Java! See it here:

Posted by Jared 2006-02-09

New Format: CSV

The Zip Code Database Project has now ported all US Zip Code data (with latitude and longitude coordinates) to the comma-separated-values file format. This should greatly increase the adoptability for anyone in need of this data.

The two releases today are identical except one is in the zip format, the other in gzip.

Pick which one fits you best.

Have a great day!

Posted by Jared 2005-11-21

Zip Code Database Updated

After a while of stagnation, the Zip Code Database Project has been revamped. The Zip Code Database Project exists to provide accurate US Zip Code data including city/state names and spatial data (useful for distance calculation). Please take a look and spread the word!

Posted by Jared 2005-11-11

zips-php-mysql-0.0.1 Released!

The first MySQL supported release by the The Zip Code Database Project. This inserts all US Zip Codes with latitude and longitude into a MySQL database. Included is a distance calculator. ENJOY!

Posted by Jared 2004-06-16

First Release!

The Zip Code Database project has released it's first product for PHP5 and SQLite. It is deemed stable, even though PHP5 is technically not stable itself.

Posted by Jared 2004-06-11

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