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Zipios has moved to GitHub

If you're looking for the latest version of Zipios, it is now on GitHub:

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2016-09-23 Labels: moved

Zipios++ version 2.1.1 published

This version includes a few fixes that were made here and there.

However, this new version is being uploaded because there were two uninitialized variable members found by Coverity. Probably not a problem since the tests did pass just fine, but it is always cleaner to have the correct everything all the time.

  • Fixed a couple of classes initializations that were missing.
  • Fixed a view system() call of which return values were not checked.
  • Added a BUILD_ZIPIOS_TESTS cmake option flag.
  • Fixed reference to README as as it is called now.
  • Allow for ZIPIOS_WINDOWS to compile under MS-Windows.
  • Added an ssize_t definition for Windows.
  • Removed the "catch_" prefix from all test names.
  • Fixed some copyright notices.
  • Cleaned up the coverage script.
  • Added the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS and BUILD_DOCUMENTATION options to cmake.
  • Fixed the FindZipIos.cmake file so it uses the correct names.
  • Also make the destination directory for FindZipIos.cmake a variable.
  • Enhanced the installation directory handling in cmake.
Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-12-12 Labels: release Coverity

Zipios++ version 2.1.0 published

Changed the include directory name to zipios without the ++ at the end.

Fixed various things like missing copyrights, comments in the cmake files, and zipios tool binary name.

Added man3 pages for the public interface.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-05-06 Labels: upgrade

Zipios++ website revamped...

There is still some work to be done, but I revamped the Zipios++ website so that way we can include the library documentation v1 and v2.

I also added the coverage information of version 2.0.3. Each new version should get copied as I pack everything and thus fully update the website at the same time.

The coverage shows you that most everything in the library gets checked out by the tests.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-04-13 Labels: website update

Zipios++ version 2.0.2 published

Additional fixes / optimization to the code and also worked on getting the tests to all run under FreeBSD. Well...

FreeBSD now uses clang and somehow there is a bug somewhere which somehow makes the tests break when we have a catch that ends up rethrowing or a hidden try/catch that attempts to nullify the exception (as in a the std::istream::read() function which catches errors from streambuf and transform them in a fail flag in the istream.)... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-04-13

Zipios++ version 2.0.1 published

I noticed a few small mistakes in the package which are fixed here.

Especially, this compiles with SunOS and Cygwin. Also I removed the old tests (which are available in git or the CVS in version 1.x if you really want them.)

There is also a fix to the cmake code to allow for catch.hpp to be installed under contrib/...

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-03-24 Labels: release

Zipios++ version 2.0.0 published (also still considered alpha)

I published a tarball of version 2.0.0 to allow users to start testing with the new code. The newest code is present in the GIT repository in case you wanted to work with the most current source.

This version compiles like a charm under Ubuntu. There are certainly a few small tweaks to do here an there to compile on other Unices. I got it to compile under Open SunOS though. Will try again there.

I will be looking into getting it to compile under MS-Windows too.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-03-22 Labels: release

Zipios++ progressing to version 2.0.0

Activity on the Git repository is high just now. Autotools has been replaced by CMake for the build. CppUnit has been replaced with Catch for all the tests. The code has been converted from C++98 to C++11 and being made as platform independent as possible. Tests are being run on Linux, OSX and Windows to ensure Zipios++ works correctly on those platforms.

Once released, Zipios++ will be updated for Debian, Fedora, and MacPorts.... read more

Posted by Russel Winder 2015-03-16

Converted repository to GIT, including history

With the help from this page:

I created a GIT repository. The CVS won't be used anymore. Right now, the git is just the same as the CVS. I will be fixing a few things in the code so it is Coverity clean and also fixes a few problems we've found in our own usage of the library. Nothing that major, but we hope it will be useful to others.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2015-03-01 Labels: news

Zipios++ 0.1.5 released

This release adds the ability to write zip archives.

Posted by Thomas Sondergaard 2001-07-22

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