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ZinK 0.0.1d ε

2.2.4 Sync 0.0.1d ÷Ƚϴ.
丮 Ǯ ġ() ˴ϴ.

Posted by 이관수 2000-12-03

ZinK 0.0.1c ε

* OFS py ϵ ʿ ½ϴ. raise ޼ ߽ϴ.
̷μ ְ ̽ 1/4 ʿߴٰ մϴ.
*/ Ʈ ٸϴ. ϴ / ϴ.
- ݾ ϴ ۾̶ ϰ ֽϴ.
- ü ֽϴ. ذ ʵǰų ʿ ٸ ֽϴ.
- ̽ submit Ÿ ư value ̿մϴ. dtml ϵ
ϴٺ py Ͽ ϴ value() ѱ۷ ٲپ
̽ ۵ ֽϴ.
* 4̳ ٿε Ʊ. �ϴ. /ĥ ֽʽÿ

Posted by 이관수 2000-10-06

CVS & Version ʿ

ϴ OFSP 丮 dtml ʿϰ
CVS ZinK ʿ ϵ : Zope.cgi, start, stop, install ߽ϴ.
ZinK 2.2.2 Ǿ Ƿ 4 ZinK
ԵǾ մϴ.

Posted by 이관수 2000-10-01

ù° CVS üũ

̼ ʿ ̰, Data.fs ⺻ ü index_html, standard_html_header,
standard_error_message /Ͽϴ. "Quick Start" Ϻθ Ͽϴ. "Quick Start" Ǵ ̶ ؼ ߰ Դϴ.

Posted by 이관수 2000-09-30

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