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Zina adds support for use with Mambo and Xoops

As of 0.11.09, Zina can be used as a Mambo component and Xoops module.

Posted by Ryan Lathouwers 2004-10-18

Zina theme creators?

As of the 0.11.x series, Zina now supports themes.

Unfortunately, I don't know if the support is adequate enough for theme creators. Want to give it a shot and give me some feedback?

Then download the latest 0.11.x version, go to the theme dir and copy the zina-dark theme. Create something different and let me know what's lacking.

Oh, if the theme is cool, send it in!


Posted by Ryan Lathouwers 2004-10-11

Zina-0.11.x Development Release

The 0.11.x series adds three of the most requested features:
- MP3s can be out of the webroot (for security)
- Themes via Templates
- Administrative interface

Along with:
- Option to play recursively and random recursively
- Option to display album year and/or genre
- Option to play random by genre
- View music by genre (based on ID3 tags)
- Option to have multiple directory images
- Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional / CSS output
- Can edit directory text/alternative directories/song blurbs if permissions allow
- A whole lot more...... read more

Posted by Ryan Lathouwers 2004-09-19

Zina needs translators

Want to help translate Zina into a different language?
Find the English version in your setup:

Translate the strings that are not in all capitals and email the file to ryanlath _at_ users.sourceforge _dot_ net.

If you're feeling adventurous, you may also try:

Make sure your language isn't already translated by checking the settings section in Zina.... read more

Posted by Ryan Lathouwers 2003-08-25