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  • Ryan Lathouwers

    Ryan Lathouwers - 2009-06-14

    I'm looking for beta testers for Drupal.  If you're familiar with Drupal, could you download the development release: http://drupal.org/project/zina and test out the following functionality...

    Each directory is now a "node" which means other modules should now work on Zina pages like:
       - comments
       - taxonomy / tagging
       - full-text search via Drupal's search
       - etc.

    New Installs:
    Once, Zina is installed, you'll need to Populate the database. 

    Go through Drupal's module update mechanism, then "Synchronize Database."

    If you want Drupal full-text search, you'll have to run Drupal's cron manually (probably multiple times if you have a lot of directories) or wait for it to run.

    I'm looking for what works and doesn't... compatibility with other Drupal core modules, etc, feedback...

    I know I still need "teasers."

    Post stuff to this thread...



    • anthony dioulo

      anthony dioulo - 2009-08-01

      Hi I 'm developing http://lamifa.fr as you can see zina will be the main part of this site.
      To see that zina folder will drupal nodes make my day.
      I will try the new release (download it right now)
      I will post my problems in you're project issue queue on drupal.

      Thanks for that wonderful piece of software.
      Escuse my english blabla best regards blablabla

    • Dawid Blachowski

      Hello, I will test Zina with pleasure.
      I am making a music portal (www.cmentarzyskozespolow.pl - in Polish language) and have few ideas:
      to change:
      not everything is fully translated (e.g. search (szukaj), play radio (włącz radio), rate (głosuj), images (obrazy), new (nowość), Edit Text (Edytuj Tekst), Edit Podcast (Edytuj Podcast), Edit images (Edytuj obrazy), Update database (Aktualizuj bazę danych), and Polish characters are not displayed properly -> instead of ż (żadne = none) etc. you see square.
      Except of it, all works fine.
      I have also another ideas, that would be nice to add; for example:
      - I can not disble the [images] section, i would like zina to be audio only. In the settings all is off, but the images link still appears.
      - "jingle" - every radio station has it's own jingle. When creating a playlist, jingle should open and close it - even in random mode; jingle should be played e.g. every 10 songs. Up to settings.
      - commercials - some radiostationds would like to add possibility to make an audio commercial; eg. the special folder where you put mp3 commercials and they are played e.g. every 30 mins, every hour - depending on settings; e.g. randomly 2-3 mp3s from the more that are within "commercials" folder.
      - it would be nice to allow one button click to open flash player with random mp3s (and jingle and commercial) that user wouldn't have to go INTO the radio page, but click on the main page and have the player in pop-up window, as now, when clicking the trumpet icon on the radio page.
      - Except of genres it would be nice to add the YEAR option; I am running "historical" website with the music that is no longer performed; it would be nice if user could choose: everything randomly, current genre randomly or the year (from id3 tag) and have randomly played songs only from the current year (with jingle and eventual commercials).
      - It would be also nice to add the settings option how many ID3 details the flash player shows - e.g. artist, title, genre, year, album - and the administrator chooses what is to be displayed.
      I like Zina very much, it fulfills very much of my needs. I love that it automatically import music from the new folder and marks the new ones. But I don't need the option that user makes the playlist. I need a radio that user chooses:
      - all random, genre random, selected year random. And plays button and the music goes on in the popup.
      I hope I didn't write too much :D And once again thank you for your module, I will implement it to my site with pleasure :)
      Best regards,

  • Anonymous - 2009-10-27

    used the standalone for months at http://audocs.com! everything was cool! migrated to drupal to give it a shot! I will work thru the program with you and test out all features…. be prepared!


  • Anonymous - 2009-10-27

    First hick-up! My version is 4.7 (i think)… but i am getting this message when i try to add content..

    warning: array_merge_recursive() : Argument #2 is not an array in /nfs/c05/h04/mnt/77532/domains/blahblahblah.com/html/modules/node.module on line 1665.

  • Anonymous - 2009-10-27

    got it going, through a series of activations! currently studying the language / vocabulary terms to fit my needs. taking a break to think it through!


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