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Zimbra Tray / News: Recent posts

Zimbra Tray 0.8 is out

Since this release you can approve not only self-signed SSL-certificates but server certificates with unaccessible CA too. It was done because I found that sometimes Zimbra creates not pure self-signed certificates (for example, location was included in issuer DN but was not in subject DN).

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-09-15

Zimbra Tray 0.7 is released

Since version 0.7 Zimbra Tray can handle self-signed certificates without manual adding. It just will ask you if you trust to such a certificate authority and if your answer is YES then it will add this CA to the keystore.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-08-14

Zimbra Tray 0.6 is out

I'm proud to announce the first "semi-production" release of Zimbra Tray application. ZT is a small Java 6 SE program which notifies user about Zimbra server events (new email, appointments).

The main goals are:
- multiplatforming
- not only email notifications but appointments too (in contrast with Zimbra Toaster)

Zimbra users, you are welcome. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-08-10