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Hi ! First thank you all for your great work. It works just fine!

You choose to sync the iPhone notes with a tasks folder and I understand your reasons but, to me, there is a problem : the iPhone and the Mac use a mail folder called Notes when configured in IMAP to sync notes. As z-push only supports mobile sync, my Mac is syncing notes over IMAP to a mail folder. So I can't have my notes synced between my iPhone and my Mac.

As the note feature is only for Apple devices, I think it would be better if it syncs with a mail folder rather than a tasks folder to keep compatibility with the native behavior of all Apple devices.
Or can you let us the choice in conf ?



  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-07-26

    It is not easy to sync to anything other than a tasks folder. I will take a look next week to see if there is any way to ignore the notes folder if it is already created as a mail folder.

  • obinoby

    obinoby - 2014-07-26

    Thank you for your answer.
    I don’t know if syncing notes to a tasks folder is better outside of Apple world. But it’s not good inside. And if there is no better for others and worst for a few, maybe the good way is to make it ok for the few.

    The following is said from the Apple user point of view only.

    I noticed another side effect of syncing notes to a task folder. The Mac now shows the notes in Reminders (their word for Tasks).
    Let me explain : In Apple world, native behavior is to sync :
    - Mail over IMAP
    - Notes over IMAP : Notes are in a mail folder named Notes
    - Calendars over CalDAV
    - Reminders over CalDAV : Reminders are tasks basically
    - Contacts over CardDAV

    Before iOS7 it was nice because z-push synced everything the way we (apple users) expected and everything was synced between devices :
    - Mails
    - Notes : with Notes mail folder
    - Reminders : with Tasks
    - Calendars
    - Contacts

    Since iOS7, using an old backend there was no more notes at all.
    With the new backend, notes are back but not as we (apple users) expect it to be.

    I already tried to makes changes in zimbra.php to handle Notes the way I want it to. I succeeded in not syncing with the Tasks folder and as my only Notes folder was in mail at that time, I guess the notes were going there. My other iOS device was in sync with my notes. But I was not able to actually see the notes in my Notes mail folder in Zimbra and nothing was syncing to my Notes App on the Mac. So it was there on the server somewhere but not shown.

    What I did was change every occurence of that :
    if ($thevariableview == "tasks" && strtolower(substr($folders[$i]['name'],0,5)) == "notes" […]
    to that
    if ($thevariableview == "message" && strtolower(substr($folders[$i]['name'],0,5)) == "notes" […]

    My guess is that Notes are synced as a task object to Zimbra instead of a mail object. I do not have much time and knowledge to go further more into the code.
    I will try a little more but I expect no miracle…
    If you can handle it then it will be great for apple users.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-08-05

    First off, notes are not just for Apple clients. There are also multiple third party notes apps on android that will sync to ActiveSync notes.

    When you sync your notes using your Mac to the zimbra Notes mail folder using IMAP - can you edit the notes on the server through the web client?

    Can you post a screenshot of how the notes folder looks, with a listing of items in the folder, and one of them open in the reading pane.

    Then, also post a "show original" of the message


  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-08-05
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  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-08-12

    I just re-read your second post and it is clear that iOS7 is what caused your problems. It changed the way it handled Notes.

    The zimbra backend only looks for Tasks folders starting with the word "Notes" (upper/lower/mixed case) and will treat them as notes folders.

    If you are using a mail folder called Notes to sync notes over IMAP - the zimbra backend will treat it the same as any other mail folder. If the data is valid it will sync as an email folder to your phone.

    You can also use other task folders - Notes-One, Notes-Phone, notesWhatever - while still having a mail folder called Notes - and only the tasks folders will be treated as notes folders.

    You also have the ability to disable notes handling entirely through the config file.

  • obinoby

    obinoby - 2014-09-05

    I'm sorry for the delay, I was not available.

    So !
    I see your point : no I can not edit notes on the Zimbra side if they are synced by IMAP. I didn't saw that because I'm used to edit my notes on my Mac and iPhone.
    If notes are synced in a mail folder, I think it should be possible to make a zimlet that adds a tab to handle Notes...

    Here is the original of the note :
    From: my@mail.fr
    X-Uniform-Type-Identifier: com.apple.mail-note
    Content-Type: text/html;
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Notes 3.0 (343.1))
    Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 10:31:31 +0200
    X-Mail-Created-Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 10:28:00 +0200
    Subject: Courses :
    X-Universally-Unique-Identifier: DEC73136-A756-41E2-875D-CABBB46E0F87
    Message-Id: 9AB25DAC-CF3D-40EA-B52B-B1FE54370C80@mail.fr

    <html><head></head><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space;">Courses :

    Glaces tubes
    jambon bc
    yahourt nature
    pates perles
    st moret
    escalopes dinde


  • obinoby

    obinoby - 2014-09-05

    What if you let the choice in the conf file :
    - if we prefer full sync between iOS and OS X and don't care about the ability to edit notes on Zimbra then sync with a mail folder called Notes
    - if we prefer being able to edit notes on the Zimbra side then sync with a tasks folder

    Do you think it would be possible ?

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-09-06

    As I have said before. If you have a Notes mail folder (not Tasks folder) the zimbra backend will treat it exactly as a mail folder so iOS is free to handle it exactly as it did before. I changed nothing in that. It appears to be an iOS7 change to add proper notes support that has broken this imap hack on you.

    I want the ability to edit notes both on zimbra and the clients - that is why I implemented it as I did.

    I do not see the merit in doing it differently.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-09-17

    Closing ticket as wont-fix, as backend is working as designed.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2014-09-17
    • status: open --> wont-fix

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