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Zimbra Launches Shared Calendar and Network Edition Beta

Zimbra Launches Shared Calendar and Network Edition Beta
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Beta 2 Available for Immediate Download; Includes an Updated Open Source Beta Edition and a Trial Version of the Network Beta Edition

Nov 15, 2005

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 15 -- Zimbra ( ), a leader in open source, next-generation collaboration and messaging, today announced the availability of a comprehensive group scheduling calendar, along with RSS and Atom support, online back-up and recovery utilities, hierarchical storage management, clustering for high availability, and more.... read more

Posted by Steve 2005-11-28

Whats the difference about Zimbra

Admin Benefits

* Complete Solution
o Native archiving capabilities
o Native discovery/cross mailbox search
o Native replication/disaster recovery (WAN optimized)
o Native hierarchical storage management (HSM)
* Server and Storage Consolidation
o Substantial reduction in managed storage - One copy of email & attachments per server (rather than one per user or one per storage group)
o Substantial increase in the number of users per CPU - Multi-level caching and optimization of underlying open source software (Linux File System, MySQL, Postfix, etc.)
* Lower-Overhead Management
o Easy installation and configuration
o On-line automated backup
o On-line, intelligent restore (single mailbox, point-in-time, etc.)
o Fast mailbox move
o Rich, secure, zero administration client
* Compatibility with existing infrastructure
o Client - Outlook, Mobile, IMAP, POP, iCalendar, RSS, etc.
o Directory - Active Directory/LDAP integration, provisioning support
o Messaging Server - Co-existence and migration tools (including Microsoft Exchange)
o Web services - Bi-directional integration with enterprise applications
* Security
o Web security model - Single sign-on, no VPN required
o Secured attachment opening and HTML rendering
o SpamAssassin and ClamAV included
o Compatibility with existing anti-spam/anti-virus (via Postfix & amavisd-new)
* Open solution
o Open source
o Open formats - One MIME message per file means Zimbra storage is not opaque to sys. admin. or operating system utilities... read more

Posted by Steve 2005-11-18

Feature List


Rich, browser-based end-user interface
Rich, browser-based, zero footprint interface for accessing and using all Zimbra messaging applications
End user access over HTTPS
Enables secure remote access to end-user interface from any SSL-enabled browser
Native MTA
The Zimbra Collaboration Suite includes Postfix as the Message Transfer Agent
Dynamic display of additional contextual information when mousing over specific items or text
Mapping of message string patterns to pre-defined objects
Ability to recognize message string patterns (e.g. phone numbers) as pre-defined objects, and then to utilize those objects as part of standard message processing (search, mouse-over displays, etc.)
Ability to quickly categorize message items by attaching "Tags" with user-defined names and colors
Multiple Tags per item
Ability to place multiple Tags on a single message item, with each Tag/color displayed when viewing the message
Track unread count on Tags
UI shows unread message counts by Tag (similar to unread by folder)
Drag and Drop
Ability to drag/drop messages, contacts, folders, and Tags, including a counter showing the number of items dragged and color changes indicating valid drop zones
Auto-Tag on receipt
Ability for incoming messages to automatically be Tagged based on used-defined rules
Personal folders
Ability for users to create personal folders, each of which can contain any number of message items
Folder hierarchies
Ability to organize personal folders into hierarchical trees... read more

Posted by Steve 2005-11-18