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Zighinetto Web UI in progress

I'm currently working on a set of useful UI controls for ASP.NET. These come from work from different projects, so I decided to reunite all them into a single DLL.

The most useful things are Google controls for AdSense, AdWords and Analytics that will simplify your life a lot if you are working with Google's advertising features.

Then, a set of Themeable images come. When you change theme, the image's appearence shall change too. This applies to images and image buttons. I also made an AJAX version for use with Gaia WebWidgets that will be published later on.... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2010-05-29

ZighiTorrent 0.5 first release!

ZighiTorrent is a .NET/Mono library made for BitTorrent developers. It easily decodes Torrents but also provides a framework to handle any kind of Bencoded data, with the possibility of serializing, even in XML format, any class that is Bencodable.

Release 0.5 comes with TorrentClinic, a program that every BitTorrent developer MUST have. It can decode and visually represent any Bencoded stream.

Currently, release 0.5 does not implement XML serialization since no standard has been found yet by the author.... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2008-07-13

Coming soon... ZighiTorrent: BitTorrent for .NET

I'm currently working at a new BitTorrent library for .NET. Something you can use to read Torrents in Bencode format and create your own BT client or server for .NET. Although not specific to mobile devices, I decided to include it into the Zighinetto Project because it's intended for developers.

I hope to import the current package into Zighinetto SVN...

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2008-04-22

Zighinetto Dialogs first release, ver. 0.5

The Zighinetto Project aims to aid developers write smart applications for .NET Framework with special attention to Compact Framework and mobile devices.

Zighinetto Dialogs contains useful visual tools for GUI developers, including:
*Picture Buttons, ie. buttons that display both image and text
*Open Directory Dialog, a missing dialog window for Windows Mobile: have you noticed you can't open directories but only files in .NET CF?
*Animator and BlinkAnimator: let visual controls blink on screen and write your own animation tools
*Help Provider: provide help to users with a smart button!!
*and so on...... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2008-02-17