Hi there,

When building the 0.2.6 version, after issue "make" command, I got the following warnings and errors:

fblinear24.cpp in member function 'virtual void FBLinear24::RevRect(init, int, int, int)':
fblinear24.cpp:139:63: warning: operation on 'dest32' may be undefined [-Wsequence-point]
fblinear4.cpp: in member function 'virtual void FBLinear4::FillRect(init, int, int, int)':
fblinear4.cpp:75:29: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope
make[3]: *** [fblinearr.0] Error 1

Since I've built my linux system from source code following the "Linux from scratch" book version 7.2 and my architecture is x86_64, is zhcon only for 32-bit platform? And for your reference, my kernel version is 3.5.2 and frame butter support was included in the kernel.

It also looks to me that the variable declaration is missing, does this mean that there are some header files wrong or missing?

Another guess is that the 'memset' were defined in fblinear24.cpp for 32-bit platform and because I'm having a 64-bit platform, it was not defined. And this resulted in the consequence error reported in fblinear4.cpp.

Thanks for your help.

Yida Zhang