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New minor version 1.72

Changed the logic the WindowManager places new frames on desktop if AutoPosition is selected.
If only one visible frame, center it on screen instead of position it at 0,0.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2014-06-07

Critical EDT violation fix!

Fixed EDT violation in JConsole.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2011-05-23

JConsole bugfixing

Fixed EDT violations, error handling and synchronization issues in JConsole.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2011-04-28

Obsolete removal

Hi to all!
This is a minor release, primarily done to remove the obsolete “gr.zeus.ui.swingworker”. Please use the much better JDK6 SwingWorker instead!

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2009-06-13

Goodbye CVS, Hello SVN

The time has come to make the change to SVN.
CVS was just not good enough...
Please use the following URL with your favorite subversion client (TortoiseSVN does it for me...):

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2009-06-13

Almost 2 years but still here...

Hello everybody!

I finally got the time to commit some minor improvements and bug fixes found over the last 2 years. Check out the changelog for details.


Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2008-04-20

New is better...

Replaced old TableSorter with new, deprecating all old related classes.

Added functionality to dymanicaly resize a JTable based on it's header and it's data.

Finally upgraded TypeSafe with simple focus traversal using only the TAB key instead of CTRL+TAB for JTextArea, JTextPane and JEditorPane.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2006-01-06

Check out the Screenshots!

Added a few screens from the library examples.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-07-28

JConsole, major redesign (again)

Major usage redesign of JConsole. Moved most of the code to a new class, JConsolePane (JPanel). Also created a new class that uses this panel inside a JFrame (JConsole) and another one that uses the console inside a JInternalFrame.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-07-26

JMessage, much more than JOptionPane

Created new swing component: JMessage. Works like JOptionPane but can also display the stacktrace of an exception inside a textarea. Also can display plain text as well as html text as the message body, and much more.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-07-26

Swing Data Validation in TextFields

Added new component: SwingConfigurationManager
This is actually a convenient method to use the "gr.zeus.ui.typesafe" package. It automatically configures your gui for data validation using a property file. This is a component that was missing from Swing and is usually found only in commercial libraries. With this component you can automatically:
- perform max and min character checks in fields
- trim spaces
- convert to uppercase/lowercase
- accept only a set of characters inside a field (valid chars)
- reject a set of characters inside a field (invalid chars)
- replace a set of characters with another (replaceable/replaced character pairs)
- convert, validate and limit check integer numbers: byte,short,int,long
- convert, validate and limit check real numbers: float,double
- convert and validate dates using a specified date pattern
Also you can enable/disable a selectAll functionality upon focus for any field.
Finally you can attach a custom Focus Traversal Policy that enables you to create a custom focus route for your fields, even if they exist in different containers.
And all these with minimal code inside your form and an external property file!

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-07-13

v1.08, JConsole major update

The major change for this release is the JConsole refactoring. Old versions of JConsole are not compartible with this one. Read the docs and check the tests in order to find out what's changed.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-04-13

zeus-jscl v1.07

With this release i added javadocs for the library and made a couple of improvements to SingleAppInstance, WindowManager and OutLookToolBar. Also the code has been updated to use generics and is now 100% Java 1.5 compatible.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-03-14

Moving from Java 1.4 to Java 1.5

From now on only JDK 5 will be supported. Any one who is still stuck with the good old 1.4.2 please use zeus-jscl v1.05

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-01-25


This is actually a helper class rather than a swing component. Provides a simple solution to the multiple application instances problem. Just invoke onInit() at your application startup and onExit() at your application shutdown and that's all there is to it. SingleAppInstance creates and locks a file within the startup directory so if anyone is to execute your application again the second onInit() call fails with a message. The onExit() method unlocks and deletes the file. You can also customize the way SingleAppInstance informs the user, e.g via JOptionPane popup window or stderr. Finally, you can easily translate the popup messages without modifing any code.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2005-01-06


Provides almost any functionality you need to manage all JInternalFrames within a JDesktop

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-11-12


Provides the mouse over looks of microsoft outlook toolbar buttons on a simple JToolBar

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-11-12


sort any JTable using it's headers easy!

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-10-22


a JTable cell renderer for progress bar display inside a table cell.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-10-22

JSplash new version

added functionality for percent or custom messages display during progress bar loading.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-10-22


New component added!
JSplash provides a swing based solution for a splash screen with a simple progress bar for monitoring the application loading status.

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-07-22


just made the first release of zeus-jscl, only
one swing component for now: JConsole,
a java console replacement

Posted by Gregory Kotsaftis 2004-07-20

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