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ZeroSlackr Snapshot Pre-release 3 [Final]!

This is the third and final complete SVN snapshot. Did a full system revamp again (so uninstall the old version) but now there'll be less freezes, less reboots, less bugs, etc. At this point there is way too much content for just one download so look forward to a package manager in the future!

Posted by Philip Peng 2008-08-12

ZeroSlackr Snapshot Pre-release 2!

Fixed loads of things, added in a few things, revamped the system. Incompatible with previous stable snapshot, but better!

Posted by Philip Peng 2008-04-28

ZeroSlackr Snapshot Pre-release!

After many months of rebuilding _everything_ from scratch, a stable pre-release is available! Try it out!

Posted by Philip Peng 2008-03-22