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Questions concerning zerofps/linux

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-03-05


    this is ceo2, lead programmer from akarra or new akarra, for that matter. I've downloaded your zerofps and zerofpsv2 modules and I would like to ask a few questions now:

    1. What IDE do you use under linux? Kdevelop? (Or any IDE at all :)? )

    2. Is there a document which describes the overall structure of your project? It's quite a lot of stuff, so such a doc would help a lot.

    3. Under windows I tried to generate the doxygen html output for zerofpsv2. I used the doxygen config file which comes with the module (a little tuned to my directory structure). But doxygen stopped after "computing templates ..." (or similar, wrote it from memory). Do you have some hint why it won't work?

    Ok, I guess that's it for now. If there's some FAQ which answers these very questions please don't hit me :), I was too blind to find it.

    thanks in advance,


    PS: if you want to mail me, feel free to do so:

    • Jimmy Magnusson

      Jimmy Magnusson - 2004-03-12

      1: I have no clue. Linux i evil :). I will ask our linux fanatic when i see him :).

      2: Nope :(. We are working on it... slowly...

      3: Yes, i still can't get it to work with latest version of doxygen. I still use version 1.3.1.

    • Richard Svensson

      Hello there ,
      im the one doing the linux part of zerofps, the only one that is =(.
      its pritty hard to fightoff all this windows logos all the time HAIL THE PINGUIN!! =P.

      im using a a IDE called moonshine, dont think you have ever heard of it, nobody has ;-) , i seem  to be the only one using it hehe. but it fits my needs perfectly =).


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