Anonymous - 2012-10-08

Guild Wars 2 game designer expose design concept of the legend of the "legendary weapons grade weapons can only be obtained through the production, so I want a copy obtained by constantly brush is impossible, since production, it is necessary to know the material, which is the focus ofbecause the required recipe and to prepare materials require players to find their own way out of line with the core idea of the game to encourage players to explore, of course, you can find in various forums on the findings and the Raiders of the other players.

The production legend level weapons first to get unique level (exotic) Pre weapons (of course you making skills to meet the requirements), and then need a gift (gift), they can get many places in the continent of Tyria, different gifts can be to create different types of weapons, and the last is to prepare a variety of ores, lumber, senior trophy (trophy) and karma points.