Anonymous - 2012-09-15

"Diablo 3" multi-account machine open, single account multi the server shared as well as third-party plug-ins and other issues of concern to the players, Blizzard recently paste blue to give a clear reply.
If you have more than one independent game account on a computer you can open up the running game, but Blizzard does not allow the same account shared behavior (referring to the same account were landing at the same time serving the United States / Asian clothing / European clothing behavior), and third-party plug-ins is prohibited.

Prohibit same account sharing behavior obviously Blizzard would like to sell several CDK Before this same account in the United States serving the European service and sub-service login means more than one person to buy a CDK experience because the entire game - Blizzard will sell at least a lot of CDK.

Long-standing controversy about Diablo 3 plug, Blizzard has already made ​​it clear that will not support plug - if you use any plug-in, your account braved the title of the risks.