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Zen Load Balancer 3.10.1 is released

Zen 3.10.1 is released, minus solved bugs have been added:

[cluster] Error creating cluster, solved issue with hostname and ip parser
[cluster] Solved issues with custer services checks for inotify and latency

Posted by Emilio Campos 2016-04-12

Zen Load Balancer 3.10 is released

New features:
[sys] New Kernel Updated to 3.16 (Debian Jessie Base)
[sys] Debian packages consolidation
[farms] Allow to edit farms with stopped status

[farms] TCP profile deleted, L4xNAT should be used instead
[farms] GSLB Profile deleted
[sys] L7 profile for HTTP[S] core updated with distro package
[sys] Openssl Library updated with distro package
[sys] Cluster service updated with distro package
[sys] Web GUI service updated with distro package
[sys] Added and updated libexec scripts
[sys] Include disks information through snmp... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2016-03-29 Labels: TCP UDP L4 L7 Load Balancing

Zen Load Balancer 3.7 is released

New features:
[sys] SNMP system support

[net] Network connections stats
[farms] HTTP / HTTPS farm core updated
[sys] OpenSSL update. Security Enhanced (poodle and others)
[gui] Web GUI improvements
[gui] Web GUI faster load
[gui] Created new section “Monitoring::conns stats”
[gui] Improved data input validation
[code] Code styling adaptation

Bug fixes:
[gui] Backup and upload files characters control
[farms] GSLB fixes
[gui] Farms display fixes and cleanup
[global] Other minor bug fixes

Posted by Emilio Campos 2015-09-23 Labels: TCP UDP L4 L7 load balancing

Zen Load Balancer 3.05 is released

Hi we announce the latest 3.05 Version released of Zen Load Balancer, it includes:

Bugs fixed.
New features as Global service load balancing.
Improvements for L4 and HTTP farms.
SIP support.
And much more.

You can read the entire changelog here:


Posted by Emilio Campos 2014-08-27 Labels: load balancer zen load balancer gslb global service load balancing l4 DNAT NAT proxy SIP

Zen Load Balancer V.3.03 released

we announce the last ZLB stable version release which includes:

New features:
[farms]. HTTPS Backends. The load balancer can manage https connections to backends, ssl offload can be disabled.
[farms]. HTTP timeouts. Added new timeout fields for managing time in response and request headers
[farms]. L4 agnostic protocol. It can be balanced any kind of protocol, not only UDP or TCP.
[farms]. Added priority algorithm for L4 load balancing.
[cluster]. Added a new timeout field for managing the response time for switching the service.
[gui]. Added a logout button in the web gui.
[system] Run own scripts. Added the possibility of creating own scripts that are executed in events: start / stop service, i.e. firewall configuration, sending mails, etc.
[L4 masquerade]. the farm connects to backends from the IP in the same subnet that backend.... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2013-10-21

Zen Load Balancer V3.02 is released

we announce the next ZLB stable version release which includes:

[farmguardian] Advanced checking system optimization switching backend states

New features:
[farmguardian] Layer 4 advanced checking support
[system] Security improvement

[system] Vulnerabilities fix
[webgui] css iexplorer 9 compliance
[farms] adding l4 backends without weight value

Posted by Emilio Campos 2013-02-27

Zen Load Balancer v3 rc1 released

After some waiting months designing and developing the new features of Zen LB, we're proud to announce the brand new testing version 3.0-rc1 which include less features than we would like, but we've been targeted to mainly 3 aspects:

1.- Farm Guardian expansion: from TCP farms, now we're supporting FG for HTTP and HTTPS farms which will let you a more advanced content monitoring for your farms.

2.- Layer 4 support: we've created 2 different farms, l4txnat for TCP connections, and l4uxnat for UDP connections. This kind of load balancing methods will let you a very high performance for weight load balancing at netfilter level. Also, we're supporting native IP persistence and multiport listenning virtual IP. Two network modes are supported: DNAT, which let you see the client IP on the backend side, and NAT/SNAT mode which let you operate in 'masquerading' mode. (Thanks to Pablo Neira Ayuso -Netfilter Core Team- for his ideas, recommendations and advises)... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2012-08-17

Zen LB V2 Stable

We announce the release of zen load balancer v2 stable, this is the latest version recommended for production environments, that solve some bugs as:

[farms] Fix regression max number of available connections for TCP farms
[farms] Check invalid characters for a farm name
[system] Do not reset the GUI password when updating the package
[farms] Bad formatted error message when inserting bad weight value for http and https farms... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2012-04-11

Zen LB v2rc3 is released!

Hi we announce the new release of Zen Load Balancer v2rc3.
Some reported bugs and improvements are added in this new version like:
[farms] Custom ciphers form for https farm
[farms] HTTP and HTTPS maintenance mode lose configuration
[cluster] Cluster failover by itself
[cluster] Cluster failover master node returns to backup on equals mode
[system] Configure the default apt sources for v2
[gui] Max length in virtual interface field
[gui] Only allow numeric characters in vlan field
[gui] Change position for Test RSA button
[farms] Max Connections for real servers could produce a farm to close connections... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2012-02-28

Zen Load Balancer v2 rc2 is released!

We announce the zen load balancer v2 rc2 released! We include:
-Data line load balancing profile.
-Bugs fixed.
-New features like maintenance mode for backends, keepalive directive to improve communication over firewalls, PCI Compliance for Payment Card Industry, farms connections monitor graphs, and much more.
Try it and have a nice experience !

Posted by Emilio Campos 2012-02-13

ZenLB v2rc1 is released!

A new version of ZenLB is released, the work done on the new v2rc1 is the following:

- Gratuitous ARP for cluster speedup
- TCP Kernel tuning to improve throughput

- Farm renaming
- Improve load balancer algorithm for TCP farms
- Profiles support
- UDP support
- Advanced HTTP/HTTPS support
- SSL wrapper
- Certificates management for https profiles

- Manual force failover
- Crossover support... read more

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-11-21

V1 stable released

We announce zen load balancer v1 stable release with som bug fixed like: Not asking about SSH authentication on cluster configuration
Modified date on the global view,
modified button description on view farm status,
solved algorithms configuration on load balancing farms,
added algorithm description.

After than one year testing and developing we announce the first stable version of zen appliance.

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-10-17

Zen Load Balancer v1rc5 release

We announce the Zen Load Balancer v1rc5 release, with bugs fixed and some features
If you have installed zen v1rc4 iso you can download from our official apt repository, if not, its time from download our zen load balancer appliance on iso file and update it.
Read more on our web: http://www.zenloadbalancer.com/index.php?id=3

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-09-26

Updated a new copy for Zen V1 RC4

We just back up a new copy of Zen V1RC4 ISO and .deb package because detected a error on WEBGUI, the adding of real servers to a farm was disabled by a mistake. Sorry for the inconvenient

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-08-03

new version zen v1rc4

We announce the new version released, zen v1rc4 with bug fixed and new functionalities suggested by our distribution member list.

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-07-31

New Release V1 rc3

the latest version of zen load balancer is v1 rc3, update now, read more on our web http://zenloadbalancer.sourceforge.net

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-05-10

V1 rc2 Updated

The new release V1rc2 is now available over apt repositoriy, you can read how configure it on web: http://zenloadbalancer.sourceforge.net/index.php?id=3 "Documentation > Updates" And read changelog on: http://zenloadbalancer.sourceforge.net/index.php?id=1

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-04-18

New Distro V1 RC1

Released Zen Load Balancer V1 RC1 with a Debian Core and cluster for high availability active pasive, vlanes, and more, see change log on web

Posted by Emilio Campos 2011-03-11

New Version 0.2 Updated

Updated to v0.2:

Solved: Compatibility with Internet Explorer8 an Mozilla Firefox 3 Web browsers in zenloadbalancer_0.2.tar.gz

Solved: Problem Distro installation with perl library, disabled remote repository configuration in apt and apt configured with local cd repository in zenloadbalancer-distro_0.2.iso

Posted by Emilio Campos 2010-09-28

ZEN Distro Installation Error

There is a problem with linetwork-ipv4addr package if you configure a apt source in the installation menu

Posted by Emilio Campos 2010-09-27

Uploaded Zen Load Balancer 0.1.tar.gz

Download the tar.gz and install in your favorite linux distribution, please read http://zenloadbalancer.sourceforge.net/index.php?id=3 for installation.

Posted by Emilio Campos 2010-09-25

Created the first Zen Distro Version

Created Zen 0.1 Distribution based on Debian lenny Netinst
Download, install and use it.
Once installed, connect to http://serverip:81 with user: admin pass:admin

Posted by Emilio Campos 2010-09-25