Demo app?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How about posting a tiny game or two created with this?  People would be a lot more likely to feel like investing the time to grab the source if they could just see it in action first.

    If I just missed the screenshots and demos, then nevermind but please make them easier to find :)

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-24

      Hey, this is a really good idea, and certainly one I've thought about.  The truth is that while maintaining ZEngine I haven't had much spare time to write a complete app in ZEngine tha'd show off all the features well.  If anyone is using ZEngine and would like some publicity I'd be glad to post links to ZEngine applications, or even collaborate with someone on a small game/demo written in ZEngine.  Open Source apps are preferred, but even a closed-source demo in ZEngine by a third party would be better than nothing.

      As far as screenshots, I'm not entirely sure what the screenshots could show since ZEngine's focus isn't high-end graphics, but if I think of anything that'd make a good screenshot I'll post it.  I'm also willing to create a showcase of user submitted screenshots so feel free to post here or email me if you've got anything you'd like to submit.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


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