Zen Cart Alpha v1.1 Scheduled for Release

The Zen Cart Team has announced the Alpha v1.1 will be released during the first week of January 2004. The team has added quite a few new features to enhance the operation of the software and improve the merchant's options for their products.

Some of the New Features for Zen Cart Release v1.1 Include:

More Code and HTML Separation

An ongoing process that has taken another leap forward towards the goal separation of business and presentation logic.

Admin Demo Mode

This will allow users to open their Admin to others. Mainly for Zen Cart hosting providers, it will let you make sure that security is not compromised by disabling certain admin functions. For example changing passwords/editing language files.

Zen Magic

Zen-cart already includes a sophisticated override/auto include system to make the life of contribution authors easier. The aim is to make contributions as easy to install as possible, with little to no editing of the core code. Extra code has been added to make this even smarter.

Product Attribute Improvements

Changes to the attribute system to allow more configuration & display options.

-Text Attributes
-Checkbox Type Attributes
-and much more


This is an osC contribution adapted for Zen Cart and included in the core code, which allows admins to set up sales globally or by category, % or fixed discounts. Sale time periods and more.

Switchable Modes

Need to take your shop down for maintenance? This upgrade will allow you to do just that.

Posted by Kim Elliott 2003-12-22

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