#28 difference in Juz (each Para of Quran)

Quran Text (8)

Assalam O' Alaikum
As you know there is some difference in Juz (each Para of Quran). Here
in Pakistan and India also, Quran Juz detail is as under:
<juz index="1" sura="1" aya="1" />
<juz index="2" sura="2" aya="142" />
<juz index="3" sura="2" aya="253" />
<juz index="4" sura="3" aya="92" />
<juz index="5" sura="4" aya="24" />
<juz index="6" sura="4" aya="148" />
<juz index="7" sura="5" aya="82" />
<juz index="8" sura="6" aya="111" />
<juz index="9" sura="7" aya="88" />
<juz index="10" sura="8" aya="41" />
<juz index="11" sura="9" aya="94" />
<juz index="12" sura="11" aya="6" />
<juz index="13" sura="12" aya="53" />
<juz index="14" sura="15" aya="1" />
<juz index="15" sura="17" aya="1" />
<juz index="16" sura="18" aya="75" />
<juz index="17" sura="21" aya="1" />
<juz index="18" sura="23" aya="1" />
<juz index="19" sura="25" aya="21" />
<juz index="20" sura="27" aya="60" />
<juz index="21" sura="29" aya="45" />
<juz index="22" sura="33" aya="31" />
<juz index="23" sura="36" aya="22" />
<juz index="24" sura="39" aya="32" />
<juz index="25" sura="41" aya="47" />
<juz index="26" sura="46" aya="1" />
<juz index="27" sura="51" aya="31" />
<juz index="28" sura="58" aya="1" />
<juz index="29" sura="67" aya="1" />
<juz index="30" sura="78" aya="1" />

We have change in xml file as above, but it does not give the Juz sign
and Number at our mention Aya. Can you guide us, how we can do it.

Iqbal Ahmed