Graphical timelines

  • Svein Yngvar Willassen

    Hi there!

    I am working on a case where I have an amount of events grouped into several cateregories. In order to optimise the investigators understanding of the case, we would like to show the timeline of events as horizontal lines with boxes showing each event. Each event category will have it's own horizontal line, and each event will have it's own box on the line.

    I believe that such functionality would extend Zeitline to be useful in real investigations. What do you think?

    Svein Yngvar Willassen
    Oslo, Norway

    • Courtney Falk

      Courtney Falk - 2005-08-03

      Those are some good ideas that we're already contemplating.  Graphical visualization such as this is a large development task and currently there are a few major, basic features left to add to Zeitline.  But watch for features such as graphical timelines down the road.

    • Florian Buchholz


      what you describe would be a good addition to Zeitline's feature set. If I understand your description of the case correctly, each of your categories would be a separate timeline in Zeitline. The problem I see with making a box for every event is that in many cases there are so many discrete events (tens of thousands) that drawing a box for each would not be feasible. So we might have to only draw boxes for our Complex events but not for the Atomic events. A box could then be as "wide" as the start and end times of the event in the timeline.

      As Courtney said, we have some other basic features we are working on and a new release coming up shortly. Plus, we do not have too much experience with graphics or custom widgets in Java. Do you by chance know of any existing Java classes that draw something similar that we might be able to use?




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