write protected config?

Matt L
  • Matt L

    Matt L - 2002-07-16

    Hi great program,
    only problem is that when I try and run it I get an error under the config menu thats says the config file is 'read only' and that I can't change any details :(
    Where is the config file stored? is there a command line option to set what config file the program is to use?
    I look through the docs but cant find anything giving command line options :(
    PLEASE PLEASE HELP, this looks like the perfect program for me

    • Chris de Rock

      Chris de Rock - 2002-07-17

      Hi Matt,

      per default, only root can change the configuration for zeiberbude. if you want to change these rights, just change the rights for the file /usr/local/share/zeiberbude/config.xml which stored the configuration for zeiberbude.



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