• Adam Luchjenbroers

    OS Is Mandrake Linux 9.0

    running qmake using the commandline:
    /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake zeiberbude.pro

    QMAKESPEC Not set, cannot determine configuration.
    Error parsing zeiberbude.pro

    What should QMAKESPEC be set to?

    • Adam Luchjenbroers

      fixed that problem, but now I get a large number of compiler errors while compiling computerview.cc, tried using g++-2.96 and g++-3.2.

      Any ideas on how to fix it?

      • Chris de Rock

        Chris de Rock - 2003-08-29

        Please send me the output of make per mail to c.toepp@gmx.de


    • Endre

      Endre - 2004-05-02

      i have the same exact problem.. after qmake it gives me the compiler error.. i tried all releases of ver.2 of the software.

      can i have the fix as well? :))

      if it matters I'm running on Madrake 9.1 and just installed the latest version of qt.


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