compile problems

  • Dimitar Ashikov

    Dimitar Ashikov - 2002-04-02

    I can`t compile.It says that can`t find my Qt libs
    I have Qt.In older versions it copiles, but gives error about `can`t find mysql.h in some file...`
    ( Slackware 8.0)
    And other question...I don`t know a shit of C++,
    and I want to make a cgi script that controls everything...Is it possible to explain me what exactly do it listening to some port...

    • Chris de Rock

      Chris de Rock - 2002-06-07

      this seems to be an bug in my script.
      please change the path to the mysql includea and librarys in the file between line 35 and line 55 to the correct value. then run autoconf.
      after doing this the script shold be working.


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