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ZedGraph / News: Recent posts

Project Doldrums

Unfortunately, the original creator of this project is no longer able to maintain it.

As such, I am hoping that people will come along with an interest and the time to pick up the project and keep it alive. ZedGraph is well-written and documented, and it would be a shame to let it fall apart.

I have complete admin rights over the project, but not the time or C# experience right now to commit to it.

The domain,, has been renewed for another two years, so this site isn't going anywhere.... read more

Posted by Chris Champoin 2009-02-16

Version 5.1.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Zedgraph, version 5.1.5, this is a bug-fix release that fixes some issues with 5.1.4, there are more details in the release notes.

Thanks to all of those who submitted patches or noted bugs, please keep up the good work, and we should have another release in a shorter time-frame than this one!


Posted by Ronan O Sullivan 2008-12-12

Revitalising Zedgraph

We are now in the process of getting Zedgraph back on track. This is a great project and we are looking forward to bringing new features and bugfixes to help all those who are using it in production, research or just for fun!

If you are interested in becoming a developer for Zedgraph, send me a message. If not, but you have any patches, bugs or feature requests - please put them in the proper sections and we'll take a look.... read more

Posted by Ronan O Sullivan 2008-12-09

Help Wanted!

Unfortunately, ZedGraph development has recently come grinding to a near-halt. The primary developer for the project has been unable to work on it for the past while. Without help, there will be no new development in the near future.

Somebody has recently submitted a project takeover request. We do not have a way to see who made the request, but with any luck, they will be available to help with development in the future. If you have the time and ability to contribute to this project, please contact the project admin (jchampion).

Posted by John Champion 2008-10-26

Version 5.0.6 + 4.5.6

New release versions 5.0.6 (.Net 2.0) and 4.5.6 (.Net 1.1) now share most of the code, so functionality is almost identical. The primary difference is the collection classes for 5.0.6 use generics, while 4.5.6 is based on traditional collections. Following are recent changes to the code base:

  • The grid is now drawn behind the curves, and the axes and tics are in front of the curves.
  • The web control includes logic to allow simultaneous user access without collisions
  • New LineBase class increases functionality for all line types (LineItem, Border, LineObj, etc.)
  • ZedGraphControl.ScrollGrace gives a "grace" buffer to the auto scroll range
  • Date scale can handle millisecond step sizes now
  • The color of individual symbols & bars can be controlled by a new ColorValue property of the PointPair
  • CandleStickItem is now OHLCBarItem to be more accurate
  • New GasGauge chart type
  • Added Legend.IsReverse property
  • Many bug fixes
Posted by John Champion 2007-03-11

Version 4.5 (.Net 1.1 compatible) released

Many folks are confined to the .Net 1.1 environment, so this release is an attempt to bridge the gap between version 4 and version 5. Essentially, this new version 4.5 is a backwards port of version 5.0.4 for the .Net 1.1 environment. This port does not include the web control -- if anyone is interested in helping with this, I'd appreciate it.

Version 4.5 should be considered a beta release until some community testing is done.

Posted by John Champion 2006-12-28

Version 5 Released

ZedGraph version 5.0 was officially released on June 24th, 2006. This new version includes lots of new features and bug fixes. It requires .Net 2.0. There has been some major refactoring, so your code will require some changes. You can view a summary of code changes on ZedGraph wiki here:

The followng is a summary of new features in ZedGraph 5.0:... read more

Posted by John Champion 2006-06-26

Version 4.9.8 (Pre-5) Beta

ZedGraph has a new updated developer pre-release version. We are getting very close to the version 5.0 release, so any last minute input would be greatly appreciated.

A complete revision history can be accessed here:

This page summarizes the refactoring that will be required to transition from version 4.3 to version 5: read more

Posted by John Champion 2006-06-20

Version 5.0 Pre-Release (4.9.5)

ZedGraph Version 4.9.5 has been released in beta form as a developer release.

This beta version includes lots of refactoring -- you will need to make some changes to your code to use it. The required changes are detailed here:

Here is a summary of new features:
Major code refactoring to prepare for version 5
Change all to .Net 2.0
Rename All GraphItem-derived objects to GraphObj's (ArrowObj, ImageObj, etc.)
Add Chart object to replace AxisRect (GraphPane.Chart.Rect, etc.)
Add MinorTic & MajorTic objects (GraphPane.MinorTic.IsInside, etc.)
Add MinorGrid & MajorGrid objects (GraphPane.MinorGrid.IsVisible, etc.)
Change MasterPane.AutoPaneLayout to SetLayout() -- re-layout done automatically at resize time
Add GraphPane.BarSettings object
Add CandleStickItem and JapaneseCandleStickItem
Add StockPt and StockPointList
Change all collections to generics
Add BarSettings.ClusterScaleWidthAuto
Add IsAntiAlias switch to FontSpec, Symbol, and Line classes
Add Label and AxisLabel classes -> GraphPane.Title, Axis.Title
Add Margin object
Add DataSourcePointList with data binding
Add Fill.SecondaryValueGradientColor to allow gradient results from gradient-by-value fills
Add ZedGraphControl.IsSynchronizeXAxes, IsSynchronizeYAxes for multi-pane scroll/pan/zoom
Major update to Web control to integrate with V5 class library changes
Add ImageMap capability to web control, and linkable objects to ZedGraphControl

Posted by John Champion 2006-05-04

Version 4.3 Release

ZedGraph official release version 4.3 was posted on March 5th, 2006. This version includes many updates, bug fixes, and enhancements since the last release. Also, the demo/samples have been enhanced to be more complete implementations of the use of the ZedGraphControl from C#, C++, and VB.

Also, ZedGraph now has a Wiki for documentation, tips, and information. Please check it out at We're looking for contributions in the wiki on problem solutions, samples, and general help.... read more

Posted by John Champion 2006-03-05

Development Release 4.2.4

Development Version 4.2.4 was released on January 17, 2006. Note that this is a testing version, and not an official release. Following are the changes between version 4.2.3 and 4.2.4:

Add support for multiple Y and Y2 axes (major mods throughout)
Make ScrollBar SmallChange proportional to LargeChange (thanks to tafkat)
Major changes to the web interface
Add IsEnableVZoom and IsEnableHZoom to constrain zoom in ZedGraphControl
Add MouseUpEvent, MouseMoveEvent and change MouseDownEvent to just use (object sender, MouseEventArgs)
Add Exponential axis option
Add Scale class and one subtype for each AxisType
Many bug fixes... read more

Posted by John Champion 2006-01-18

Version 4.2.2 Interim Development Release

Version 4.2.2 was released on September 5, 2005. Note that this is a testing version, and not an official release. A new package category has been added to the downloads section for these interim release types. Following are the changes between version 4.2 and 4.2.2:

Added Strong Name
Add IPointList interface
ErrorBarItem and HiLowBarItem now use GraphPane.BarBase
Rotated scales now do more rigorous anti-overlap calculations
Disable ZedGraphControl.PanModifierKeys to avoid VS2003 bug
Add new CoordType's to allow mixed X/Y coordinate systems
Add LinearAsOrdinal and DateAsOrdinal AxisType's
Fix Y position calculation for AxisTitle when IsScaleLabelVisible=false
Add ZedGraphControl.IsAutoScrollRange and SetScrollRangeFromData()
Add Localization to ZedGraphControl
Fix ContextMenu mouse location issue
Fix problem with copy constructor on HiLowBar.cs, HiLowBarItem.cs, MasterPane.cs... read more

Posted by John Champion 2005-09-05

Release Version 4.2

Version 4.2 was released on August 2, 2005. This new version includes lots of additional features, plus quite a few bug fixes.

You can see the complete revision history here:

The significant changes since the last release include:

Added scrollbar options to ZedGraphControl
Use Axis.ScaleFormat for numeric labels and dates (removed Axis.NumDec and Axis.NumDecAuto)
Add subscription event for pan/zoom
Add subscription event for custom formatting of point value tooltips
Add CurveItem.IsOverrideOrdinal to allow user-specified ordinal positioning
Add GraphItem.IsClippedToAxisRect
Revamp Axis.Cross logic, and add Axis.IsScaleLabelsInside, Axis.IsSkipFirstLabel, and Axis.IsSkipLastLabel
Add StickItem curve type
Add PolyItem polygon GraphItem type
Add CurveItem.FontSpec for custom font colors/types in legend... read more

Posted by John Champion 2005-08-03

Version 4.1.9 Beta Test

Version 4.1.9 has been posted in beta form for testing. Some new features were implemented that need to be tested. Please give this a try and let me know if you encounter any problems.

You can download the pre-release code from:

Also, you can see the complete revision history from here: read more

Posted by John Champion 2005-07-21

Version 4.1 (Beta) release

Version 4.1 has been posted in beta form for testing. Some new features were implemented that need to be tested. Please give this a try and let me know if you encounter any problems.

You can download the pre-release code from:


New Features:

Scrollbars for the ZedGraphControl
see IsShowHScrollBar, IsShowVScrollBar
ScrollMinX & ScrollMaxX control the X bounds
ScrollMinY & ScrollMaxY control the Y bounds... read more

Posted by John Champion 2005-05-14

Version 4.0 Released

ZedGraph version 4.0 was released on March 19, 2005. This new version includes lots of new stuff, and a few bug fixes. It is highly recommended for all ZedGraph users. New features include:

Added LineType to GraphPane to allow stacked lines, area shading between curves, etc.
Major improvements to the web control, exposing much more of the interface to the html code
Add Serialization capability
Add Pie Charts
Add MasterPane and PaneBase to facilitate multiple graphs
ZedGraphControl GUI improvements: zooming, panning, tool tips
Add Axis.BaseTic, Axis.Cross, Axis.IsPreventLabelOverlap, and GraphPane.IsBoundedRanges properties
New Demo project shows wide variety of graphs in a tabbed control.
Various other bug fixes and additions. ... read more

Posted by John Champion 2005-03-19

Version 3.5 Released

ZedGraph version 3.5 was released on December 17, 2004. This new version includes lots of new stuff, and a few bug fixes. It is highly recommended for all ZedGraph users. New features include:

Access from Web pages
ErrorBar type
HiLowBar type
True stacked bar charts
Percent stacked bar charts
Image, Ellipse, and Rectangle item types
Improved scaling logic (fixes rendering "artifacts")
Print scaling issues resolved
Minor grid lines
Gradient fills by value... read more

Posted by John Champion 2004-12-18

Version 3.0 Released

ZedGraph version 3.0 was released on September 21, 2004. Yeah, I know it's only been three weeks, but some pretty dramatic improvements have been made. ZedGraph now handles gradient fills for most "fillable" items on the graph. This adds a very polished look to the output. Take a look at the sample on the home page at

In addition, this new version adds:
- Stacked Bar Charts
- Horizontal Bar Charts
- Area Charts
- Gradient and Texture Fills... read more

Posted by John Champion 2004-09-22

Version 2.0 Released

ZedGraph version 2.0 was released on September 1, 2004. This new version includes extensive updates including:

Collection-based data handling
Improved auto-scaling code
Curve smoothing
More robust handling of invalid parameters
Many minor bug fixes
LGPL License terms

You can download version 2.0 from the ZedGraph File Release page.

Posted by John Champion 2004-09-02