Version 5.0 Pre-Release (4.9.5)

ZedGraph Version 4.9.5 has been released in beta form as a developer release.

This beta version includes lots of refactoring -- you will need to make some changes to your code to use it. The required changes are detailed here:

Here is a summary of new features:
Major code refactoring to prepare for version 5
Change all to .Net 2.0
Rename All GraphItem-derived objects to GraphObj's (ArrowObj, ImageObj, etc.)
Add Chart object to replace AxisRect (GraphPane.Chart.Rect, etc.)
Add MinorTic & MajorTic objects (GraphPane.MinorTic.IsInside, etc.)
Add MinorGrid & MajorGrid objects (GraphPane.MinorGrid.IsVisible, etc.)
Change MasterPane.AutoPaneLayout to SetLayout() -- re-layout done automatically at resize time
Add GraphPane.BarSettings object
Add CandleStickItem and JapaneseCandleStickItem
Add StockPt and StockPointList
Change all collections to generics
Add BarSettings.ClusterScaleWidthAuto
Add IsAntiAlias switch to FontSpec, Symbol, and Line classes
Add Label and AxisLabel classes -> GraphPane.Title, Axis.Title
Add Margin object
Add DataSourcePointList with data binding
Add Fill.SecondaryValueGradientColor to allow gradient results from gradient-by-value fills
Add ZedGraphControl.IsSynchronizeXAxes, IsSynchronizeYAxes for multi-pane scroll/pan/zoom
Major update to Web control to integrate with V5 class library changes
Add ImageMap capability to web control, and linkable objects to ZedGraphControl

Posted by John Champion 2006-05-04

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